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All Change

So it’s three months later and I’ve just read through the last few blog entries. I’m heartened that they’re not actually as depressing and self indulgent as I’d feared. They’re just honest. Lots has changed and lots has happened. I’m … Continue reading

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Long, long day..

Well, yesterday was a long long day. I had planned to cycle home at 6pm, shower, get into my pyjamas and go to bed early. Didn’t happen that way though.. One of my colleagues received a telephone call in the … Continue reading

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Not really sure.

Hello *waves*. I’m still here. I have been trying to make sure I get out of the house at least once every day. Whether that’s for a paper or a bar or chocolate or just a short walk. I went … Continue reading

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Crash bang wallop..

Well, I seem to be having a bit of a down time lately. I’m miserable, fed up and crying all the time. I’m finding it difficult to keep myself together a lot of the time. *sigh* I *know* that it’s … Continue reading

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Lucky girl

I’ve been thinking. Over the past few days, I’ve been thinking the same thought. I’m a lucky lady. I’m sitting here, on our new sofa, in the living room of our lovely flat, with two little doggies by my side. … Continue reading

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It’s the not knowing that’s the killer…

I’ve been looking for someone. And I’ve been looking for a few years now. I’ve tried Google. I’ve tried Facebook. I’ve tried many other sites, but she seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth. I don’t necessarily … Continue reading

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What an evening! After a hard day of work, I was out with one of my clients having a coffee. I came back to the car and the battery was absolutely flat!! Luckily K came to the rescue. I called … Continue reading

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I’m slowly getting used to this ‘K being at work’ thing.. Though it is quite strange. We haven’t spent a night apart for a long time, and being alone again in the flat is very wierd. Every noise is a … Continue reading

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Funny old world

It has been a funny old couple of weeks really.. I went oop north with K to help mum move house (but really to collect all my stuff from the loft and sort it out!). K and I got lots … Continue reading

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Dearest blogpeople. It was my birthday on Friday. And it was a COOL birthday I woke up in the morning and was presented with presents from the lovely K! I got a new mouse for my computer (as I’m often … Continue reading

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