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30 skills before 30

I found this online and thought I would put it up here and see how many I had done.. 30 SKILLS EVERY WOMAN SHOULD HAVE BEFORE TURNING 30 1. Hard boil an egg check! 2. Diplomatically tell Mom to butt-out … Continue reading

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Nearly Christmas

Hello there everyone Well, it’s nearly Christmas, and I’ve nearly finished my Christmas shopping! Just a few bits to buy, then I’ll have to wrap them up before I drive back ‘oop North for the holidays.. Can’t wait! This weekend … Continue reading

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Why do farts seem to follow the farter? I’m sure that everyone has experienced this phenomenon, in which one delivers oneself forth of a silent but potent gaseous emission and then steps rapidly away, only to have the fart cling … Continue reading

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Weekend fever

Woo hoo! It’s the weekend! (nearly). I’m still at work, but have time to write.. FSR hasn’t been in today. She booked a day off. And guess what? The atmosphere here has been lovely. Joking, banter and good day. Maybe … Continue reading

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