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All Change

So it’s three months later and I’ve just read through the last few blog entries. I’m heartened that they’re not actually as depressing and self indulgent as I’d feared. They’re just honest. Lots has changed and lots has happened. I’m … Continue reading

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If I look at the big picture, my life is going really well. I’m making progress and I’m managing well.  However, if I’m honest, I feel completely lonely and isolated. I’m feeling the empty.  I know why I feel this … Continue reading

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Big week

So this week has been a big one. And I’m emotionally exhausted. I’m overtired, which means I’m not sleeping properly. I need a nap, but I need a nap buddy for that! It started last week really. It’s 4 months … Continue reading

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On the Truth..

I spoke to a friend last night. One of the friends that I hadn’t been ‘allowed’ to talk to when I was with my ex. It made me think; about who I am, who I want to be, and who … Continue reading

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Feeling the empty

Well, today has been crap. Outwardly it has been a success; we got up, ate something resembling  breakfast, got to playgroup, ate lunch, went outside, ate dinner and did bedtime. How can I possibly say that today was a failure?  … Continue reading

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I still miss you, despite everything…. Continue reading

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Its 1.30am and Im on the sofa eating toast because I cant sleep. Im at the point where Im so exhausted that my vision is blurred, but I still cant sleep. Everything is just going round and round in my … Continue reading

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Timing and shame

Today has got me thinking. Thinking about mental health and how to talk about it to new friends, acquaintances and strangers. I know that the law says you cant discriminate, but real life is not the same as the ideal … Continue reading

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Breaking it down

I feel the need to blog. So thats what Im doing. I havent been here for a long time. People I know read this blog and so its not as easy to be as honest as I have been in … Continue reading

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It all takes time..

I always seem to start my posts with “I’m not really sure what to write really…”. I thought that maybe I should actually post one of these and just see what happens. Things have been going ok for me recently. … Continue reading

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