Moving along. Nothing to see here…

I am actually at work right now, too tired to be of much use in the office. It’s twenty to six (I finish at 6pm) and I DO have work to do, but I’m just not inspired today. I *could* do the work, but it wouldn’t be done well enough, so I just haven’t been able to do it.

Also, I just realized that my Micro Teach for my teaching course is happening NEXT WEEK!! That’s really soon, so I need to start preparing something to teach the other students. I still haven’t decided on that yet. I’m nervous! I’m not nervous about the standing in front of people and teaching them bit. I’m nervous because this microteach has to fit within a certain framework. You have to do it in a certain way and ensure you tick every box. I’m going to find it quite hard to fit everything into half an hour! So I’m starting to stress a little about that.

One of my friends has asked me to be the photographer at her wedding. It would be as a favour to her as she can’t afford a professional photographer. She has seen some of my photographs and likes them. And I think I’d like to do it. I HAVE explained to her though, that I’m not a professional and as such can’t guarantee the quality of my photographs. I have stressed this point numerous times. The last thing I would want is that I take the photos and she hates them or is really disappointed with the results.

We have agreed that I need a lot more practice taking photos of people and so I shall be going along with her to dress fittings and other outings so that I can practice taking photographs of her and her fiance. And we will take it from there. If I don’t do the photographs, she just won’t have a photographer there. So I suppose it’s not as if she’d be losing out if I DID do it. Maybe I’ll buy myself a couple of books on wedding photography and work through them.. We’ll see.

I’ve also started cycling to work again this week. I managed to shave 2 minutes off my time this morning, so that’s good. I imagine I’ll put those 2 minutes and more back on my time by Friday. I’ll be knackered! I LOVE singing to my music and wiggling on my seat as I cycle into work though. Starts the day off REALLY well!

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2 Responses to Moving along. Nothing to see here…

  1. Sarsparilla says:

    So glad you’re blogging again Ms P. Thank you very much for the exceptionally cheering comment you left on my site. I really appreciated it. I had only just seen your FB update “in starbucks with a friend” and bit back the impulse to be jealous. It’s exactly that, and it takes time.

    Your photos are definitely good enough, and remember that if you see a decent book in the shop, your local library is obliged to get hold of it for you, for a fraction of the price.
    Also, if you ever want to have a second voice comment on planning for anything teaching related, just give me a shout, please.

    • Lemonpillows says:

      You are more than welcome, Sarsparilla. I mean it – I’ll be there if you want me. Just say the word x

      And I may just take you up on that offer of teachy-stuff! :) Thanks!

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