Well, I’ve been at work for a couple of weeks now and I’m starting to make some progress. I have spent today networking all of the computers after we moved office along the corridor. So now I have my own desk!

The job is frustrating at the moment as I can’t really get ‘stuck in’ until I’ve been to this national meeting next week. So I’m looking forward to that and then being able to get some real work done :) We’re also waiting for some news on some funding so I can get a computer! At the moment I’m working from an old laptop which is really slow, so a faster computer would be VERY useful!

I have also finally bought myself a new mobile phone! It’s a google Nexus One and it’s great! I have downloaded some programs from the Android market already and am still getting used to it. The hardest thing to get used to is the on screen keyboard. You can’t just type a text message without looking at the keys any more! But I’m still loving it :) It took a while to get the settings sorted to get MMS messages, but I got it sorted eventually. (even though the messages are really small still). So that was really exciting! I drove to Hounslow to pick it up after DHL tried to deliver when I was at work. So that was an adventure too!

I have managed to find a masseur who can do a G5 massage in Reading and I have booked myself in on Friday. Mrs Pillows spent ages looking online to find somewhere as I have been in so much pain this week. My new bra doesn’t fit which means I’m going to have to search really hard for a new one in a bigger size. That should be interesting! I’m hoping that a regular G5 massage will help things, but at £25 a time, it’s an expensive resolution to the problem..

I don’t think I really have any other news to update (hence the lack of an update recently). I am hoping to be able to properly blog from my phone once I’ve sorted out the software so there may be more updates! :)

I hope the new year is treating everyone well.

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