Happy New Year!

Well, Happy New Year folks! On New Years Day, Mrs Pillows and I had our own mini Christmas and opened presents, watched Christmas films and just spent the whole day together. Uninterrupted! It was fabulous! I got tickets to see the X FACTOR LIVE next month!! Whoopee!!

After New Years Day I started looking for a new bicycle. After a couple of days, I found the perfect bike in a small cycle shop in Amersham. The shop owners there were so helpful and lovely. THey fitted mudguards, panier holder thingies, put my humongous seat on and fitted a double stand. That afternoon I went cycling with the Mrs and we cycled 6miles! I’m also thinking of joining a ‘health club’. It’s basically getting a pass to use the leisure facilities in a local hotel. There’s a small pool and some gym equipment, but the best bit is that it’s really quiet and there are NO restrictions on when you can use it. It works out as £27.50 per month each if we get a joint membership, so that’s not really too bad. And I think I would actually use it – especially if we can go together. But I’ll have to see just how much my pay packet is before I decide on this.

Talking of a pay packet – I started my new job this week! I started on Tuesday and then had to work from home on Wednesday due to the snow! That was awkward. Flaking out on my second day. But the boss rang and said not to come in and to work from home, so I did! I had lots and lots to do anyway, so it was really good. I am only working 4 days a week and so I have a permanent 3day weekend! As well as my own role, I’ve been helping out with a few I.T. bits and I think they like me.. Maybe.. I hope they do anyway as I’m due to be there for the next 18months!

I went to the Doctor today to talk both about a couple of things. Firstly, I’m in a lot of pain in my back and shoulders because of my boobs. As I have been losing weight, they haven’t shrunk at all and so my cup size has gone up. I’ve gone from massive to humongous. I have ordered new bras as the new bra I got last week isn’t actually big enough. THe pain is nothing new, but I really really want to get it sorted out. I can’t have a breast reduction on the NHS as my bmi is still too high. (you have to have a BMI of 25 to qualify). So the doctor is going to write a letter to ‘surgical supplies’ to see if there is anything they can do to help. Otherwise, I will just have to spend a fortune on massages – if I can find anywhere near here that has a G5 massage machine, that is. Normal hand massage is no good – I can’t even feel it!

I also asked for some help in controlling the facial hair that seems to be getting worse. I have tried plucking, bleaching, waxing, shaving and epilating. The doctor has started me on Metformin, which is a good result as it is meant to help with more than just the extra hair. It should also help with weight loss and, fingers crossed, my tiredness! So we will wait and see what effects it has on me, but I’m feeling positive.

There are so many exciting things happening at the moment. Life is so EXCITING! I have a new pink coat, new pink scarf and hat, a new bike, new bras, a new job, I’m losing weight and I’ve just ordered a brand new mobile phone online! But seriously, I have NEVER been this happy. There are so many little things in life that are so exciting. Everything is exciting! It’s brilliant and I love it. The smallest things make me happy, like walking through the crunchy snow, eating a good meal, feeling all cosy in my thermals or putting on new clothes. Life is good at the moment and I relish every day. I went sledging the other day on the common down the road. It was ACE. There were three of us and we had the WHOLE PLACE and a big hill all to ourselves. My snow vehicle of choice was a wheelie bin lid. Mrs Pillows had a skylight and Jef had a deflated Arsenal chair. I fell off, I fell over, I crashed, I screamed, I got covered in snow, I got a wet bum and I LOVED it! When we were exhausted, we all sat at the top of the hill and made noises just to listen to the echo around the estate. It was awesome!

So. Despite the pain, life is good. At the moment, I am very much looking forward to getting my new bras, having a lie in tomorrow and receiving my brand new mobile phone!

I hope the New Year is being just as good to all of you out there.

Peace :)

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3 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. y says:

    So happy to hear that you’re happy, LemonP! Happy brand new year to you. x

  2. Hooray for a happy new year. Long may it continue!

  3. Kahless says:

    Happy new year.

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