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Long time no update – again! The internet connection at home is SO slow, I don’t really bother going online at all from my computer. This means that I generally access the net from my mobile phone. It’s hard to blog on a mobile phone, so I end up not bothering for AGES. Thus a lack of updates.

I am happy to report that I have been offered a job! It is in the local area, is flexible working and is 32hours per week. But I’m getting almost the same amount of money I was getting in my previous job, just for 32hours instead of the 50ish I ended up doing there! Wicked! I ‘negotiated’ my salary. Which in reality means that I told my boss that I couldn’t really go below a certain amount due to needing business insurance on my car, wear and tear, etc etc. And they came back with a very good offer. So I took it! The only possible problem may be a reference from previous employer. Previous boss is happy to do it, but she opened the reference request whilst she was at head office. Her boss told her that all references need to be signed off by the regional director AND have input from HR. That would have taken until after Christmas and my new employers couldn’t send out a contract until after they received the references. So someone else did me another reference in the meantime.

One thing I was worried about was my sick record. So far, the new employer has not asked anything about any sick record, any disabilities or illnesses. My ‘reasonable adjustments’ have already been met by the normal working arrangements, so I don’t feel that I need to declare the depression. However, the asthma I will need to as I will have hospital appointments to attend. They don’t know about my time off sick in my previous job as they haven’t asked. They didn’t ask my referees either. Though my previous boss was going to put a line in my reference saying ‘blah blah blah, despite ill health’. I told her I hadn’t been asked about illness and so she offered to take those few words out. I don’t feel that I’m being dishonest. I don’t feel that it is relevant. My two long sick absences were in ‘blocks’. The first was pre-arranged with management to enable me to come off some medication and the second was due to the chest infection I had this summer. Why should I talk myself out of a job by baring my soul about it?

Anyway. Apart from a new job (which I start in the new year), I’ve not really been doing an awful lot. I got another chest infection, but this time I went to the Doctors immediately and demanded steroids and antibiotics. I was NOT going to go through THAT rigmorole again! Anyway, I recovered after a couple of weeks and am feeling much better now. It might have been flu, or it might have just been a bad cold, but I managed to attend my interview whilst ill and still got the job! :)

I am still coughing and have now had 2 appointments with the Consultant. I am supposed to be going for some ‘breathing tests’, but I haven’t had an appointment yet so we’ll see what they are when they come through. I have to go back in February and I’m REALLY hoping I’m better by then. I’ve already had this cough 6 MONTHS now and I’m getting really sick of it. I tried to do a conga tonight at a party and ended up in a coughing fit. SO annoying.

Well, it’s Christmas in less than a week and I’m still working on one of my presents to someone. It has been SUCH a trauma trying to get it done! I am currently up at 5 in the morning as some equipment I’m borrowing to make it has to be back to its owner tomorrow. I’m not convinced that the quality is going to be great, but I’m trying! I’m going up north for Christmas as Mrs Pillows is working. Looking forward to my Christmas dinner!

Right people. Time for me to go check on that equipment.. I’ll be taking my laptop up north so fingers crossed I can get to update a bit more whilst there :)

IF not, then Merry Christmas dudes!

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6 Responses to Insert imaginative title here…

  1. Kahless says:

    Well done on the new job.

    Employers have to be real careful about what they say in references so if anything is put you dont like then you do have legal recourse. That is probably why it has to go through HR. The references from my employers wont mention sickness record.

    Have a good crimbo.

  2. Kahless says:

    Oh and your depression and asthma are covered by the DDA

  3. Well done on the job. I hope it all comes together really well for you.

    I hope you have a great Christmas.

  4. lemonpillows says:

    The reference doesn’t ask about sickness, so I’m hoping they don’t put it in!

    Yeah, the depression and asthma are covered by the DDA. It didn’t stop the interviewers from another employer giving me the third degree about my illnesses during the interview though. That kinda put me on my guard I suppose..

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  6. lksn says:

    Congratulations !

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