Christmas Christmas

Well, Christmas went by with no apparent incident. The best bit was playing Rapidough with the whole family joining in – boys versus girls. The boys won one game and the girls won another. Even stevens :) We also had some games of Buzz on the playstation which got quite competitive! We all ate lots, watched some tv and watched my nephew open his presents when he got back from his dad’s.

Today I have been to see a friend. We met up in a local retail park which was absolutely packed! Took me about 15mins of driving around to find a parking spot. We chatted lots and drank lots of coffee and had a bit of a mooch around the shops for a bit.

Yesterday I took the doggies out for a nice afternoon walk. I didn’t know the way around the country park, and with the snow having fallen over all the paths I was relying on the dogs to show me the way out. They didn’t do too badly, but unfortunately there was a bridge out so we couldn’t get over the beck. We had to walk the long way round, then I had to wait to see someone else so I could follow them to the car park before the gates were locked up for the night! An interesting walk.. but the new harnesses I bought the dogs seem to fit really nicely. I might take them out again tomorrow too. Though I’ll drive there a different way next time as the road is pure ice. I actually slid some of the way down the hill and round a corner and was really scared I was going to crash into the beck!

Anyway. It’s nearly my bedtime so I’d better go. I’m really looking forward to getting back to Mrs Pillows in Slough this week. I’m seeing my sister tomorrow and then going to get a massage on Tuesday in Middlesbrough. So I’ll be leaving for home on Wednesday. Mrs Pillows and I will be having our own mini-xmas on New Years day which should be nice :)

Anyway. Merry Christmas everyone!

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2 Responses to Christmas Christmas

  1. Kahless says:

    I hope you and Mrs Pillows have had a fabulous mini Xmas today.
    All the best for 2010.

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