Well hello again!

We now have a stable internet connection in the house, so I’m hoping to start updating this a little more often. (how often have I said that though??). I am still unemployed, but have applied for a job this week and have another application pack to fill out. Neither job is perfect (but how many jobs are?) – one is more money but further away and one is less money but really close and will probably allow me to carry on doing certain bits of volunteer work, which I want. So we’ll see what happens there. Fingers crossed!

In other news, I went for my hospital appointment last week. The Consultant said that my cough could be caused by one of three things – Asthma, Post Nasal Drip or Gastroesophegal reflux disorder (GERD). He has started me off on prescribed antacids for GERD and I have to see him again in 6 weeks to see if it has worked. I’m still coughing at the moment but it’s early days. I’m hoping this will sort it out.

While I am unemployed I have been looking to get myself into some voluntary work. Today I did my first bit working with the Slough Talking Newspapers service. It’s a very small team and I was sorting out the tapes and memory sticks returned and changing address labels around. It only took around an hour but it was good to be doing something. Tomorrow I am going to a meeting of the Casualties Union, which sounds VERY interesting. They’re going to let me try and do a small wound! The voluntary work I’m MOST excited about though is working with the Slough Refugee Support Service. I went to see the lady who manages it yesterday and she said she was happy to have me onboard! I can train as an advisor and they also want me to help them set up a mentoring service. Bonus! It sounds really exciting and will be good for my C.v. I have wanted to work with refugees and asylum seekers for YEARS now and it was one of the reasons for moving to Slough, so this is a really exciting opportunity for me. Whoopee!!

I’m getting to know the local area a bit now aswell. I can find my way without GPS to the centre of Slough, Tesco, Asda, local retail parks, the forest, the M4 and the M40. So I’m doing quite well I think! I did get a bit lost today as I was trying to return home via the back roads and I obviously don’t know them well enough yet! But it’s all an adventure :)

I do need a job though. I hate not having my own money. I have some savings, but this week Mrs Pillows has started to take responsibility for the bills. I’ve managed to pay my way until now with my last pay packet, but now that has run out I have to rely on her. I HATE not being able to pay my way. We have made an agreement that she will pay the bills and write them down on a spreadsheet and when I can, I will pay her back. She was happy just to pay them and not get any money back, but I would feel bad then. I much prefer the spreadsheet and ‘paying back’ method :) And it helps to stop any stress and arguments about money in the future.

Right. At the moment I can’t really think of anything else to update you on. I seriously need to go and start Christmas shopping though…

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  2. Kahless says:

    So how did you get on with the job apps?

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