Poorly bunny

I’m still poorly bad. I have now been to see a Doctor four times in 2 weeks. I still have a chest infection and have been signed off work for the next 2 weeks. (well, a week and a half now).

I’m still coughing really badly – so bad I’m constantly having to wear Tena Lady pants as I keep wetting myself, as well as coughing so hard that my eyes water and I vomit. Nice. This has been going on for almost 3 WEEKS now and I’m thoroughly fed up with it all. I have been put on more steroids and a different type of antibiotic as well as taking my asthma inhalers after every time I cough. And i can only manage to sleep about 2 hours before waking up coughing.

But anyway. I’m still alive!! (if exhausted and fed up). Mrs Pillows has been looking after me really really well. Poor thing has been doing all the cooking and most of the washing up and domestic chores, as well as looking after me, making me cups of tea and popping to the shops for odd bits of shopping. She has been an absolute star and I don’t know what I would have done without her! She is also the ‘assertive’ one in our relationship, so could do all the talking in the Doctor’s surgery to make sure I was eventually listened to! :)

So my days are currently consisting of sitting at home in the armchair, watching tv and snoozing, doing bits that I am able to and being a bit fed up of it all.

I had actually forgotten just how bad Asthma can be. It has been really really frightening not being able to breathe properly for the last few weeks. At one point I seriously thought I had whooping cough as I was struggling for breath that much!

Anyway. Fingers crossed that the new medication will make me all better. It’s Brighton Pride soon and it’s Mrs Pillows’ birthday a couple of days later, so I’m hoping I’m all better by then! I know that when I go back to work I’ll have a big load to catch up on too. Not looking forward to that!

Right. I’d better get myself away. I have secret birthday stuff to do…. :)

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3 Responses to Poorly bunny

  1. Femme Gender says:

    Hope you feel better soon! It sounds miserable and exactly like whooping cough…….. hugs fimg x

  2. Kahless says:

    I am sorry that you are not well; I hope you get back to full fitness soon.

  3. Sarsparilla says:

    Poor you. One of the workers here had just one asthma attack last week, and the inhaler meds alone had her looking dreadful for 24 hours. Not nice. Get better soon.

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