Busy life

Well, plenty has happened over the past month, but I just haven’t had time to update (once again!). Although my boss is back at work, I still have lots and lots to do to catch up with everything, so I’m still working hard. Because of this (I know, I was always told by my English teacher that starting a sentence with ‘Because’ was a mortal sin. But I’m a grown-up now, kind of, so I can do what I want!), I have decided to post my Twitter updates here daily. At least then there will be some sort of update every day and might even encourage me to write a little more often. I will try it out for a while and see how it works before deciding to keep it. So if you are wondering where the ‘Lemonpillows tweets’ sidebar has gone, I removed it and replaced it with a ‘daily tweet’ post. The formatting looked rubbish anyway!

Work wise, I was handed a ‘thank you card’ a couple of weeks ago by my manager to thank me for all of my hard work and support since she came on board and while she was off sick. Imagine my surprise when I opened it to find £75 cash inside!! I received a bonus from the company. And they NEVER give out bonuses! I was actually speechless and didn’t know what to say. I haven’t decided what to spend it on yet, but it might be a Wii Fit, or I may save it and put it towards a new Samsung i7500 Android phone when it comes out. Or a Blackberry. I haven’t decided yet. We have also been given an amount of money at work to employ a ‘mini me’! They will help out by doing some parts of my job. With so many new agents, there’s no way I can physically manage them all without help, so it’s all looking good!

This is all starting to make me feel a little guilty for wanting to move on though.. Getting a bonus, the service expanding, another employee.. I’d be leaving at a really exciting time for the project. But I was in the house in Slough for a few days last week and it was lovely. A garden out back, a driveway, my piano in the living room, double glazing all round and NATURAL LIGHT. In the basement, we don’t get much of that. It was so nice just to be able to have all the windows open in the house and enjoy the light on a sunny day. To leave a window open all night without worrying how many cats will try to break in. Mrs Pillows’ family is nearby as well as a couple of friends. They came over to help us unload a van with a sofa and piano in it. We couldn’t have done it without their help, and it was nice to have that nearby.

Last weekend we hired a van and drove all the way up to my mum’s house to collect a sofa she no longer wanted. She wanted space in the garage and we wanted the nice leather recliner! We hired a big van so that we could try and get the piano back aswell. So me, Mrs Pillows, my mum and my brother all managed to get the piano out of the garage and into the van and wedged it in so it wouldn’t fall about in there. Success! It weighs a ton, but now mum has even MORE space in the garage! We also picked up some garden furniture that mum didn’t want while we where there too. A pretty successful trip! I saw my sister, her dog and her reptile. I was a little scared, never having ever touched one before. IT was quick! She was telling me all about it shedding and how hot it needed to be in there and how many live crickets she had to buy to feed it etc etc. It was fascinating!

In the morning we got lovely cuddles from the doggies. We do miss them. Then after we had loaded the van, my sister came round and she, my brother and my mum gave me an early birthday present. My birthday isn’t for a couple of weeks, but as I was there, they took the opportunity to give me my present early. They had clubbed together to buy me a set of electronic drums! HOW COOL IS THAT????!!! You plug them into the computer via a USB port and play them through your speakers. Wicked!! It took me quite a while to get them to work with my computer, but I did it and they are fantastic! I can’t wait to get some headphones so I can play them really loud in my ears at night. I daren’t play them too much at the moment as the sound will disturb the neighbours!

Today I have been to get my hair done. It was looking a little tired and needed a cut and a bleach so that I can reapply the pink. At the moment, it’s really light blonde, ready for me to put the pink on it later. I may take some photographs just for posterity. I have an interview on Tuesday, so I need it to be looking good!

Speaking of interviews, I need to go and prepare my presentation for Tuesday. I’m NERVOUS! It must be paper-based. A flip chart and pens will be provided, but nothing electronic can be used. That means I need to use my memory. NOT GOOD! Anyway. I should get on and do it else I’ll just be majorly stressed tomorrow. AND I have a Wii Fit to set up in the living room too! It’s SUCH a busy life!

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