I’m watching Mrs Pillows sleeping. She looks so content. Her cheeks all red with the warmth of the duvet and her lips in a relaxed pout, like a toddler having a tantrum. It’s hard not to giggle at the bits of fluff she seems to collect on her face at every opportunity, but it’s one of the things I love. :)

As I watch her scratch her nose in her sleep, I do realize that I’m a very lucky lady. We have a great relationship-so good that I often feel very smug listening to others’ relationship problems. We seem to have found a way of honest and open communication which fits both of us. I’m honest and she doesn’t ever take offence. And I’m learning not to take everything as a criticism or feel guilty at every opportunity. She stops me worrying when anxiety starts to make my mind work at 100mph. She listens to me and never judges. She is patient with me when I’m feeling completely paranoid that nobody likes me. She lets me read her text messages (not because I don’t trust her, but because I’m EXTREMELY nosy and want to know and be in on EVERYTHING going on). She lets me have tantrums in the middle of Tescos and gives me a hug when I’m done. She lets me stay in bed as long as I need to and is never angry with me for needing to sleep. She lets me borrow her superman tshirt and claim it as my own. She scratches my back to make me feel better. And she always saves her spots for me.

Yes, I do feel very smug. She is my ‘best girl’ and the most fun person I’ve ever met. She makes me laugh even when I’m in a mood and is so much fun to be with. But the best thing about it all is how easy communication is. I can tell her if I’m feeling insecure and need reassurance. I can tell her if I’m feeling a little jealous at how much time she is spending with x friend. I can tell her if I need some alone time with the tv or my guitar. I can tell her if she annoyed me with something she said. I can tell her if I would really like her to do something but feel guilty or cheeky in asking. It’s an ideal match of my complete need to ‘talk out’ what I’m thinking and her need to have everything explained so she knows what’s going on emotionally for me.

I should also mention at this point that she is also beautiful, clever, funny and assertive. What more could a girl want? I am a very lucky lady :)

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2 Responses to Smug

  1. Mrs Pillows says:

    Well I certainly don’t deserve any of that, except the bits stuck to the face – I am a modern day Magneto for lint. And yes I do like to think of my assertive with it comes to consumerism – I AM and the customer, I DO have the power and YOU WILL give me that refund (or I’ll slap you with my club card until you beg me to stop)!

    I also feel quite smug. I listen to other people’s relationship and just don’t understand the mind games, the lack of communication and the “if you don’t know what’s wrong I’m not going to tell you”. There is no logic there! WAKE UP PEOPLE! No relationship is perfect and can never be, but I think we have a good stab at it.

    Right time to check on the washing – it’s not a glamorous life but it’s mine!


    Mrs P

  2. lksn says:

    Good for you both ! I agree about the mind games. Had that in my previous relationship and it was horrible. Makes me pinch myself every day because my current relationship is so different and wonderful.

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