Busy week

I am working from home, which means that I am sitting on my bed after a shower and playing with my feet. I’m working 9-9 today so I figure I can get away with some slack as long as I’m at the end of the duty phone line, which I am.

I am SO busy at work at the moment. I am training new agents which is always tiring. They understandably have lots of questions and I have to be on ‘top form’ to answer them all confidently. Some of them were even asking for statistics this time! I suppose I will never be prepared enough lol. (I couldn’t give them the statistics.) So I’m trying to keep on top of my job as well as training new agents, which is hard. I have long days and lots of work ahead as I’m running a second training course in April. I think I need my hair to cheer me up and keep me going! (even though I can’t actually see it unless I go look in a mirror, so others are getting the benefit and I’m missing out..)

When I got to work after having my hair done I got a few comments. They were all positive actually, and surprisingly so. Random people on the street were saying how cool my hair was, which was really strange! The only thing is now that I can’t be anonymous and inconspicuous any more.. If I go into a shop twice, the sales person recognizes me easily. And I’ve been approached more by charity direct debit sellers.. But I think the positives outweigh the negatives. I reckon I come across as confident and a bit ‘cool’, so that’ll do me! I’m planning on wearing Mrs Pillows’ Superman tshirt this weekend while I’m training-how cool will I be??

The flowers pictured above are because Mrs Pillows and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on Tuesday. She sent me flowers at work (even though she promised she hadn’t bought me anything) with a lovely soppy card. We went out for a meal that evening and it was a really lovely night. We reminisced about when we first met and giggled about the time I turned up and surprised her when she was in her cleaning clothes covered in bleach and toilet water.. In a way the time has passed really quickly, and in another way it has gone really slowly. Either way, she is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me and she makes me very happy. I can still hear her saying those fateful words.. “so you gonna be ma girlfriend then?” :)

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2 Responses to Busy week

  1. saesnes says:

    wow!!! two years! many congrats xx

  2. I like your website – excellent effort!

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