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Posting trauma

There were supposed to be photos in that last post. That was the whole bloody point of it! I can’t sort it out from my phone so unfortunately I will have to play around with it later. My hair is … Continue reading

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Hair story

I have new hair! (again) As I’m training new agents this weekend, I thought I should make a bit of an effort and tidy my hair up. So I made an appointment at the local hairdressers to have it cut … Continue reading

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I’m off to a rebranding session today. Company has changed its name and we all now need to be taught how to answer the phone apparently. I’m just looking forward to some free stuff (hopefully). I am getting a lift … Continue reading

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Spaced 2

Well that worked, didn’t it? I had a full post all ready and somewhere between writing and posting it, it disappeared! I blame the man with the nose hairs. And the Daily Mail..

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Title courtesy of Mrs Pillows. I’m not good on a morning. I tend to spend the first hour and a half after getting up in a daze. Anyway. I’m currently on the train, sitting between a Roman Abramovich lookalike and … Continue reading

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Money Money

Blooming typical! I put my car in for its M.O.T. today and it failed. 2 front brakes, a tyre and some issue with the back brakes not working properly. So I am now £300 poorer as I need the car, … Continue reading

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I’m 75% decided that I want to move. We went to see the house this weekend. It needs quite a bit of work and modernisation, but it’s a solid house and the area is ok. I walked to the local … Continue reading

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Crazy ideas needed

I’m trying to think of something crazy to do for comic relief. Something that will get me sponsored. I’m restricted because of my weight (so a parachute or bungee jump is out of the question- I’m too heavy), but otherwise … Continue reading

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Mobile blogging

Well, I have downloaded a ‘tool’ to make it easier to blog from my phone. This is a test post to see if it actually works!

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Decisions Decisions

Is it better to stay where you are, with what you know and work at something that’s not quite right, but not awful either. Or, to try something new. To go somewhere you will get close to a dream, but … Continue reading

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