I have started my Christmas shopping. I have had a lie in. I have eaten chocolate and crisps. I have watched t.v. I have looked through old photographs and I have started next week’s menu before we go shopping.

I’m running away from preparing my presentation. For my interview next Wednesday (for my boss’s job), I have to prepare a 10 minute presentation. I would MUCH rather that I got there and they gave me the topic there and then. *sigh* I’m REALLY nervous about it. And I’m going to have to try on all my old clothes to find something smart that fits. And then iron it.

I’m trying not to think about it at the moment because it just stresses me out. I DO work much better under pressure – no doubt about it. Under pressure, I become superwoman – the sensible, feet on the ground kinda person while everyone else is panicking. Yet when things are not so stressful, I freak out. Go figure.

Anyway. So I’m sitting here, procrastinating. Thinking about Christmas and this week’s shopping. But not the presentation. Maybe I just need to go somewhere and scream.

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One Response to Procrastination

  1. Dad says:

    Just Focus and get it done Sweetheart, It is well within your capabilities, you just have to be more firm and disciplined with yourself as well as with other people.
    DO IT Now, never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

    Love Always,

    Dad. xxxx

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