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I went back to work today, and I was a grumpy bugger all day! I went in late coz, what the hell – I have no manager at the moment and over 10 hours in the flexi bank. I lay in my bed last night trying to get to sleep, but just getting more and more angry at the whole situation. There are parts of the job that will need to be done before the new person actually starts. And I’m guessing I’m expected to do it.
I emailed one of the company managers today to find out what was happening about the Christmas rota and emergency cover, etc. And also to find out what is happening with my job, as it’s this new person’s responsibility to make sure I have one next year. I don’t have a reply yet.

A few things today just really pi**ed me off. I know I’m bitter and still a bit angry about not getting the job, so I kept it to myself: I still have to work for the company. And I know I’m possibly not being totally rational at the moment. But still. They PI**ED ME OFF TODAY!

  • Firstly, I find out from the new woman (who actually currently works in the same office as me, but for a different company), that the regional manager and area manager are coming down for a visit this week. Ok. SHE doesn’t even work for the company yet. Nice to know I’m important enough to be told that management are visiting this week. Thanks.
  • Secondly, I found out that my FORMER manager had spoken to one of the staff on Friday to ask if they would cover some duties for the company. Erm – hang on.. ONE – it’s NOTHING to do with you any more and TWO – what if I’d wanted to do those duties? Am I just being left out of this now? Two people, who don’t even WORK for the company are sorting all of this out and just leaving me out of it. Fine. Whatever.
  • Thirdly. I was sitting at my desk, with former manager on one side of me, new manager behind me and one of the staff next to me. A former staff member was talking about not wanting to do any casual work for the company any more as she didn’t want go through another CRB application – for work that never comes along anyway. And then my FORMER manager says “actually – there may be some work for you training new agents. You’ve done it before, haven’t you?”. While. I. Am. Sitting. There. I train agents myself. I’ve DONE the training he’s talking about. Why didn’t they ask ME?? And if the new boss can’t deliver the fu**ing training then why does she have the job in the first place????
  • Fourthly. She. Keeps. Touching. Me! Every time she talks to me she puts her hand on my arm or my shoulder or something. She invades my personal space. I found myself leaning dangerously backwards to get away from her. Words will have to be said about that, methinks.
  • I don’t hate the woman. I know people who do, but I’ve never seen a bad side to her. But it feels as though I’m just being totally pushed out at the moment. I seem to have no input into anything and I’m not informed of anything. And what the HELL is my previous manager doing?? The service is NOTHING to do with him any more! And he’s giving the new woman LOADS of help. Just like both he and another senior manager gave her loads of help to bloody get the job in the first place. I didn’t ask my previous manager for any assistance because I knew he wanted the other woman to get the job. Anything I’d have put in my presentation and she hadn’t, he would have passed on to her.

    So I’ve been really grumpy today. I was very nice to everyone and didn’t bitch or moan or blank anyone. But I really just wanted to scream and shout and slap someone. I have NO IDEA currently where my responsibilities lie. What support I’m supposed to be giving to the agents; what I’m supposed to be covering. If my previous manager keeps wanting to stick his nose in (only when he feels like it though – not when it’s a task he doesn’t like to do), then why bother covering anything for them at all??

    I’m PI**ED OFF. And I have a MAJOR grump on. All of this, plus a company rebrand that makes me sounds a completely unemployable welfare case and I’m seriously considering a new job. At this rate, I’ll be unemployed come March anyway.


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    3 Responses to Get your grump on

    1. Sorry you didn’t get the job. I think I would feel the same as you in the circumstances. It seems bit like everyone is talking about things around you but no-one is actually talking to you. That would drive me crazy.

      I hope things pick up for you soon.

    2. blue soup says:

      I agree with RR, I think I would feel absolutely the same if I were in your position right now. It’s a crap place to be, and it’ll probably take a good time before the anger subsides.

      I wonder, though, if they think they are being helpful in the way they are behaving? Are they trying to get across to you that they know you’ve just had a bit of a rough time and perhaps they’re trying to take some of the weight off your mind? It might just be something unintentional.

      Or they might just be f-wits :)

      Hope you feel better soon. I had a shocker of a week recently and on the adjacent weekend I went out into the countryside and walking. There’s a really great hill (if hills can be great) and went up that and then just screamed into the wind! It made me feel a lot better.

    3. Sarsparilla says:

      I reckon you need to say something if that continues, let them know that they’re cold shouldering you.

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