I didn’t get the job. :( He SAID it was really close. He SAID I interviewed well.(They ALWAYS say that) But that the other person had more ‘contacts’ in the area, so that’s why she got it. (go figure). She wasn’t very subtle about it. She got the phone call and rushed out with the call, then came back into the office to whisper excitedly to her boss, then went outside and screamed ‘yesss!’ (or her friend did). All before I got my phone call. That seemed a little insensitive to me, but I can understand she was excited.

Never mind eh? In a way it’s a relief – I don’t have to cope with a big change and I don’t have that management responsibility. But I am a little put out that they didn’t think I was good enough for the job. And the fact that the other person hasn’t actually done the job before (whereas I have). And I guess I’ll be expected to train her and cover for her while she’s getting up to speed.

At the minute, I’m very disheartened with the company. I like my agents and some days I really like my job. But management just sucks sometimes. And they’ve now rebranded the company and given it a REALLY stoopid name. And I mean REALLY stoopid. I think it is going to end up in one of those ‘Biggest Rebranding disasters of the 21st Century’ programs. It’s THAT BAD.

I have chocolate, veggie burger and chips, and some Pringles and pickled onion space raiders. I’m going to sit in my pyjamas tonight and just drown my sorrows in some Castlemaine 4x. Go me!

Ooh! But what was good about today was that some people were REALLY lovely to me. One of them even bought me some flowers in commiseration. How sweet is that?? That made me feel better about it all. :)

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2 Responses to Disappointment

  1. Dad says:

    From what you said in your previous posts Sweetheart, bout your old boss training her and obviously no doubt putting in a strong recommendation for her, then the race was over before it started.
    Just let her make her own mistakes and learn the hard way, given enough rope she will hang herself, dont worry your time will come.
    Your old boss was probably getting sexual favours also, or what.
    Chin up and keep smiling. xxxxxxxx

  2. Spudgy says:

    Hmmmmm the having it on secondment for 6 months doesn’t sound right! Or am I just being to cynical?!

    I find a kfc zinger tower meal great for cheering me up!!!

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