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Monday thoughts

Well, it’s Monday again. *yawn* I got into work late this morning. I decided to have a snoozle. I’d been doing some work over the weekend, so I more than have the flexi hours to cover it. I was feeling … Continue reading

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As the universe goes into a new phase in the Mayan calendar, my hair changes AGAIN

I’ve been meaning to blog for DAYS. But every time I get to the computer, I have something else to do! I’ve been testing out this ‘posting by email’ gubbins, and hopefully this will work ok without too many major … Continue reading

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Get your grump on

I went back to work today, and I was a grumpy bugger all day! I went in late coz, what the hell – I have no manager at the moment and over 10 hours in the flexi bank. I lay … Continue reading

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I didn’t get the job. He SAID it was really close. He SAID I interviewed well.(They ALWAYS say that) But that the other person had more ‘contacts’ in the area, so that’s why she got it. (go figure). She wasn’t … Continue reading

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I have started my Christmas shopping. I have had a lie in. I have eaten chocolate and crisps. I have watched t.v. I have looked through old photographs and I have started next week’s menu before we go shopping. I’m … Continue reading

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