Small world

We went (K and I), to Brighton Pride yesterday. We had meant to be going to the Cambridge Folk Festival, but I sold the tickets as Kate Rusby wasn’t playing and I’m a bit nervous about camping. (Considering the last trip was in April in John o Groats in a storm, not really surprising.)

Anyway, we were waiting at the train station and I heard a Scottish accent. I turned round and got all excited because I recognized this lady . After 15minutes of building up the courage to actually ask if I was right, I leant over the other side of the train carriage and asked her. Unfortunately, she was with a friend who didn’t know about her blog, so I fear I may have put my foot in it and ‘outed’ her as a blogger. Oops.. BUt it’s a small world, isn’t it?

I know I haven’t blogged for a while, and there’s been so much to blog about! But I’ve just been so lazy. Then I upgraded WordPress and all the links went wrong and I couldn’t change the template etc etc, I just got disheartened with it for a while.

Situation at the moment is that I’m currently tapering down my anti-depressants because they weren’t working any more. And I want to be drug free to start finding out why I’m so tired. But the withdrawals are horrific. I’ve warned work and they’re ok about it, but it’s still really really hard. Poor K has a lot to put up with at the moment. I’m a nightmare to live with.

At the minute, I’m sitting in the office and watching a poor little seagull. It has somehow got itself stuck in our back yard. It doesn’t seem to be able to fly yet, so it can’t get out. I don’t want to go and interfere as it will just stress the bird out and the mother will probably attack me. (please note, baby seagulls are NOT small and fluffy). I’m hoping it manages to get out. We are just trying to ignore it so as not to stress it out too much.

Right. Im off.. We’re out off to a fancy vegetarian restaurant tonight for K’s birthday.


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  1. lksn says:

    Hi there ! It was nice to meet you. Sorry I wasn’t more talkative, I was just so surprised to be recognised ! It’s never happened before. Hope you had a great time at Pride. I know I did !

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