Poo Day

I’ve had such a rubbish day today, it’s unreal. The number of mistakes I made. Unreal.

Firstly, I got an email from my boss about some work I did last night. I didn’t get a ‘telling off’ as such, just a reminder that I’d done a couple of things wrong.

Then I had to go out to the office. I forgot my pass to get into the building. Then I realized that I’d left some vital paperwork at home. Then I discover that my boss has now put in annual leave at the same time as me. (I booked mine first). This means that my agents will be without support from the organization. There are only two of us. I was mightily cheesed off! It just seems like he doesn’t care. I feel like I’ve been working my bottom off for a few weeks now – been really busy, but it still isn’t bloody good enough. I ask him to do a little thing, and he just bats it back to me without helping. This has happened a few times. He has agreed to new targets and rules for the scheme without me being involved. And I’m the one who will be doing the work – not him!

Anyway. Then I manage to get around the ‘missing vital paperwork’ issue to go and visit a new agent. I get there and she’s not in. I check my diary and discover that I’m half an hour late – that I’d actually booked the appointment for 6pm, but thought I’d booked it for 7pm. I just wanted to cry.

To cheer me up, I’m having lasagna and chips for tea. And I’m watching the football. And I’m not answering my phone. I’m supposed to be on call – as a favour to my boss. Well, he can go jump. I’m not helping him meet his targets if he won’t help me.

Not that I’d ever say anything to him. I need the job. I’m not cut out for a 9-5, so being able to go in late and work late is a Godsend. But as soon as I find out what’s making me so tired (no results yet from the sleep study), then I’ll be SO looking forward to getting a 9-5..

I’ll probably change my mind. But it’s just been one of those days..

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  1. Spudgy says:

    Chin up chick! Days like that remind how good we can be.


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