Treacle the shi-tzu on the futon
Technicolour Treacle. Cute :)

I’m slowly recovering from Sinusitis. I’m still really tired, and randomly feel the urge to puke up now and again, but I’m still lots better than I was! I’m back at work, and had my review today. I always get nervous when it comes to review time. My boss is.. well.. laid back. Which is a good thing. But it makes me nervous sometimes, like I’ll get away with something and think it’s fine, then he’ll go to his manager and talk about his concerns, then I’ll be suddenly sacked. Catastrophic thinking. It’s that ‘time of the month’ again.. But it turns out I will get my pay rise this year. If they find enough money to pay me, that is. There are all sorts of promises of money to keep me employed, but crucially, nothing in writing (or even on email) to rely on. So I’m still not counting those chickens.

But the doggies are helping. Making sure I get up on a morning. Making sure I get out after work. I’ve lost 5 and a half pounds in the last month. I think some of that is due to not eating for 2 weeks while I was ill, and some of it is due to walking the doggies. (or ‘the babies’ as K and I call them now). So it’s all good.

I have my sleep study next week. I have to go in for 4pm to be wired up, then sleep over. I’ve been so so tired this week – waking up like I’ve been hit over the head with a mouldy chicken. It has been SO hard to get into work. I’m really really hoping that I have sleep apnea and that they can do something about it. Else it’s back to square one trying to find out why I’m so damned tired all the time! I saw a dietician the other day, and she reckons my diet isn’t actually that bad. (ok, it HAS improved quite a lot since we moved house and have a fresh vegetable shop round the corner!). She’s given me a few ideas. I wasn’t overly impressed with the service, but I’ll keep at it and see if anything comes of it. I also have a mental health appointment at the end of the month. So I’m trying to sort myself out :)

And I ‘cashed in’ one of my Christmas presents yesterday. K bought me a voucher to do my CBT on a motorcycle. So yesterday I learned how to ride a motorbike! I didn’t manage to get out and do the test, so I’m going back on Monday to hopefully do that (if I’m good enough to go out..). I got told off for going too fast. I just wanted to feel the wind on my face for a bit..

So. That’s the update. I haven’t really had much time to update recently. I have a routine. Come in from work, have a cup of tea out in the yard with the dogs, then take doggies out for a walk, come back, give doggies dinner, make my dinner, shower while it’s cooking. Eat dinner, watch tv, go to bed. Wash, rinse, repeat until the weekend. But it’s a good routine. And it is SO true about being busy.. In that it makes you want to DO more. I’m really keen to tackle the back yard with a pressure washer and get rid of all the weeds. I just haven’t had the time (or the right connector to connect the hose to our weird taps).

But anyway. It is now past my bedtime. It’s time for doggie snuggles….

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