Poorly bad :(

Dear readers, I have been poorly bad recently. It all started over the Bank Holiday Weekend. I came home from a meeting looking forward to the long weekend. On the Saturday I took advantage of the Argos sale and bought a new television from the deposit cheque money I got back from the old flat. Lovely! I set it all up and put the old tv on freecycle. . I also bought a wireless range extender so I could get better wireless coverage from the living room.

And then I started to get a sore throat on Saturday evening. The next day I woke up feeling really rough. Pain in my head, stomach and constant runny nose. Turns out I’ve had infected sinuses. I’m still doped up on anti-biotics and steroids to deal with a chest infection too. So I’ve been lying on the sofa pretty much useless for about 2 weeks now. I finally started to be productive on Wednesday. I managed to actually get dressed and do some sweeping outside. Today I even went out by myself in the car to the shops to buy rugs.

We’re getting the doggies tomorrow, see. Mum is going away for a while, and K and I have volunteered our services to look after them! So we’ve been cleaning and getting rugs for them. THe whole flat is laminate floored, so there’s no grip for them to jump up on things. Hopefully that should be sorted now. So we’re going to drive about 3 hours to meet mum in the middle of the country with the dogs and swap. We’ll probably meet at about Watford Gap somewhere..

So for a wee while I might end up being one of those annoying people who only talks abou their dogs. But they’ll be lovely company. And it’ll be great when K is away in Spain with work – I’ll still have someone to come home to.

Rightio! Best be off.. I’m currently re-partitioning the hard drives on my computer. Taking a little longer than I expected. BUt I don’t have to be up until 11am tomorrow, so I should be ok :)

Take care dudes!

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