Lucky girl

I’ve been thinking. Over the past few days, I’ve been thinking the same thought.

I’m a lucky lady.

I’m sitting here, on our new sofa, in the living room of our lovely flat, with two little doggies by my side. I have the television on pause while I write this, an empty glass on the coffee table from the apple & blackcurrant and lemonade I had with my dinner. My mobile phone is next to the laptop, both connected to the wireless network, and the air freshener is spraying lemony fresh every half an hour.

There’s an electric bill in the office. A final bill from our previous supplier. It’s a little expensive for just 2 months supply, but no matter. I’m not worried. We can afford it, see.

There are magnetic letters on our new fridge freezer – spelling out ‘treacky beaks’ and ‘hunny bun’ (baby-talk names for the dogs – Treacle and Hunny). There are dog toys on the floor, bits of dog food on the mats under the dog bowls. (they take out the mixer and put it on the floor so they can get to the chicken. Like a child licking the jam off their bread and leaving the bread on the plate.)

I’m about to take off my ‘good’ shoes (the ones I bought recently in a sale. With proper arch supports) and make my way to the bedroom. To the super-king-size bed which is too high for Treacle to jump up onto.

Life is good at the moment. Yes, I have health ‘issues’, but I’m trying to sort that out. I had my sleep study. I ended up sleeping in the day room of a general medical ward. THe bed was a fold-down jobbie that looks like a cupboard during the day. I had wires on my face, my legs, my hip anda belt around my middle with the recording device on it. I won’t get my results for around 7 weeks though, as they are behind with the reports. I’m really hoping I have sleep apnea. Because that means there’s something that can be done about my constant exhaustion. If I don’t have it, then I’m back to square one, which wouldn’t be fun.

But I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

At the moment, all I’m thinking is:

I have a lovely girlfriend
I have a lovely flat
I have a lovely car
I have the company of two lovely doggies
I have lovely friends
I can afford all my bills
My debt is being paid montly by arrangement
I have some savings!!
I live wickedly close to the train station.
The weather is getting better all the time.
I have lost some weight
I have new stuff for the doggies coming in the post soon!

I’m a lucky girl..

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4 Responses to Lucky girl

  1. Trainee Wife says:

    Ah that’s a lovely blog. It is too easy to always thinks about the crappy things in life, and be all ‘hard done by’. So often people don’t sit back and think about what is good. It is sometimes so hard to do, so it’s lovely to see. I feel thankful for pretty much all of that too – you forgot to thank the world for Pringles!


  2. Vanessa says:

    So lovely to read this. You deserve every minute of this, kid. Big hugs to you.

  3. Peekie says:

    Good for you dude, i’m really really glad your glass is half full, treasure it, don’t take it for granted and enjoy every day …… love and happiness to you both xxx

  4. Simon says:

    Way to go.! It was so nice to read,consider this another big hug.

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