Well, I went to the Doctor’s. He said that it’s likely that I have Sleep Apnea. It is now just a case of finding out how bad it is. I have to be booked into a ‘sleep study’ room so they can wire me up and analyse how I sleep. I have been sleeping so badly recently I’m just about to collapse I think. I think it’s a mixture of having a week off and just going back to work, getting used to a new bed, being too warm in our new flat and just being excited about things!

I got my deposit cheque back today from the old flat. I’m going to use the money to buy a new tv. But I’m a bit stuck. They are all SO expensive. And I want one that is going to last. The one I have at the moment has a high-pitched squeak that makes me feel ill after a while. Nobody else can hear it. But it’s awful! It needs to go. I also want a new computer monitor, a new office chair, a signal booster for my wireless router and an external hard drive. All I need to do now is decide which of these is priority or how many of them I can get out of my deposit cheque money…

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