I’m exhausted. I’ve just single-handedly moved our new sofa into the living room. The 2 removal men couldn’t do it. K couldn’t do it. But I’m a stubborn bugger and I didn’t want to send it back to the shop! I did worry for a while when it got completely stuck and would NOT move at all. I’d already hit the point of no return, so I had no choice but to climb over the sofa to the other side, hoping I didn’t fall through! And there’s only minimal *ahem* damage to the pointwork!

I went back to work today after a week off. I SO didn’t want to go back. I had a meeting at Head Office, then I went into the office after that. I tried phoning round agents and clients, but most were out so I eventually gave up and headed home on the train.

I have an appointment tomorrow at the hospital with a consultant.. The first of a few appointments I’ve booked. This one is to see whether I may have sleep apnea. It would explain a lot, and I DO snore very loudly and then just stop breathing during the night. So we’ll see. I’ve also got an appointment with a dietician during April. So hopefully, if I can get some more energy I might be able to get myself fitter and happier. But I reckon it’s going to take some time.. Though being able to read a book without falling asleep would be nice.

I’m currently playing back recorded programmes on our lovely Humax while I have a jacket potato and a garlic kiev in the oven.
The new sofa is looooverly.. It’s red and squishy and biiiiiiiiig :) Perfect! I’m off to enjoy it!

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