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Just a quickie..

Just a quick one as I’m at work (after hours) updating. The move went ok: the removal men started at about 9.20am and finished around 4.15pm. So it took a whole day! The new flat is lovely, but smells of … Continue reading

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A good book for charidee I’m really really busy at work at the moment. I’m trying to get round to see everyone before I’m off for 2 days moving house, then for a week. I had around 13 clients I … Continue reading

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Why do some women pluck out their eyebrows just to draw them back in again with eye liner? This has puzzled me for a long time..

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Criminal tendencies.

Yeah, so today, in casual conversation, K says to me: “oh! I got stopped by the police yesterday!” “Did you?” I ask. “What for?” (knowing that her car isn’t working at the moment so it can’t be a random traffic … Continue reading

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I have skills…

Yeah. I’m a super-skilled driver. I swear, I can find the nearest brick wall / skip in a 5 mile radius and reverse into it! Yeah. I did it again. I reversed into a wall today. It was in this … Continue reading

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It’s the not knowing that’s the killer…

I’ve been looking for someone. And I’ve been looking for a few years now. I’ve tried Google. I’ve tried Facebook. I’ve tried many other sites, but she seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth. I don’t necessarily … Continue reading

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Sunset over the pier. Well. Where to start? Despite everything seemingly going well for me lately – and it is – I am still pretty much a mess if I’m going to be honest. Poor K is having to put … Continue reading

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I’m stressed out. So much to think about. “Catastrophic thinking”, K calls it. Like a snowball effect. Thinking one thing is going to go wrong, which will then make other things go wrong. But a first piece of good news … Continue reading

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