What an evening! After a hard day of work, I was out with one of my clients having a coffee. I came back to the car and the battery was absolutely flat!!

Luckily K came to the rescue. I called her to come and help me out while I walked over to the nearby Halfords to buy some jump leads. (how lucky, to be broken down near a Halfords!). She came along and I took her car to take my client home while she waited in my car.

When I got back, we manouvred the cars around so the jump leads would reach, and managed to get my car started. Off came the jump leads and I was to drive and K was to follow.

Only she didn’t. I waited at the exit to the car park while she didn’t move. “dum de dum de dum Inspector Gaaaaaaaaadget” (my current ringtone).
“My car won’t start!” she said! “You’ve taken all my juice!”

So I drove round the carpark again (one way system) and positioned myself again to do the jump lead thing! (keeping my car running. We didn’t want mine to die aswell leaving us both in the lurch!)

Eventually we got both cars started and working and were on our way. I learned something new today:

  • That I can put jump leads between cars without killing myself! (I’ve always been too scared to do the jump lead thing myself!)
  • That turning off your engine just after you’ve jump started another car might make your battery go flat!
  • So I’m not sure if this was a one-off or if I’m going to need a new battery or alternator. I’ll have to get it sorted out some point soon before I’m stranded somewhere REALLY awkward.

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