That Friday feeling…

Yeah ok, so I know it’s not Friday any more. But I had a BIG TRAUMA on Friday that I just HAD to blog about..

So, the car park at work is really difficult to park in. It’s very tight. And we double park so we can get more cars in.

Around lunchtime someone asked me to move my car, so I went down to do that. But someone had parked really close to me so it was tight getting out.

After about 5 mins, my car wouldn’t move. And I looked round and every time I tried to move, the car next to me moved aswell. Turns out I’d driven into it and was kinda stuck.

So the big group of people who were all going out for their Christmas meal stood around and looked and went “oh dear”. But nobody could help. So they had to call the lady whose car I’d scraped against to come move her car forward a bit so I could get out.

I had scraped a little bit of paint off her car. And trust me to do it to the most expensive car in the car park! She didn’t seem pleased. No T-Cut for her. No siree! She’ll be taking it into a garage to find out how much it will cost!

I was so traumatized I started crying and drove away. I sat in my car for about an hour, just sobbing. And I only had ONE tissue in the car too! And no coat. And no music.

I eventually stopped myself blubbering and went back into work. With red puffy eyes and a big red nose. I kept it together until hometime, when I went to Tescos to buy 2 big tubs of ice cream.

Mmm.. All better now!

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One Response to That Friday feeling…

  1. Spudgy says:

    Shame you got caught. Did you do much damage?! Was it a metallic paint car and what was the reg. If its an older car – well you know what I would tell her. What flavour ice cream by the way?

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