Looking up..

Hello people :) Well, things are finally starting to look up! I’m getting so sick of crying at everything it’s unreal! But I don’t think I actually cried AT ALL this weekend! Bonus!

Still not sure what it was that was getting me down, but I’m hoping it’s gone back into its hole for a while :) I’ve been Christmas shopping! I LOVE christmas shopping. I like to find unusual and quirky things for people. I love buying gifts. It’s ace! That’s REALLY cheered me up recently.

And last night I was on ebay (really to buy Christmas presents), but ended up buying more for myself! I actually- OMG – bought myself a new mobile phone from ebay.. I watched them selling all night, decided what price I would go up to, and got one on a ‘buy it now’ deal. So much money. But new gadgets for me! Yay!

It’s an N95. I’ve wanted one for AAAGES. So I’m all excited about my new gadget! (yeah, that’s if it comes etc etc). I did make sure to choose a buyer with 100% feedback and £500 paypal buyer protection..

Watch this space!

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