I’m still here…

View of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament from the London<br />
A view from the London Eye.

Just about! Still seem to be having crying fits quite often, and not quite sure what that’s about, but I’m still around.

I’ve just had a week off work. I’ve spent it making Christmas cards, cleaning, catching up on sleep and emails, watching tv and just relaxing really. And it has been good! I like this whole ‘annual leave’ thing. I’m still bad in that I *did* check my work emails every day. But I DID switch my work phone off. :)

So, on Saturday, K and I decided on a last minute trip to London for the day. We wrote down a list of what we wanted to do, went and bought our tickets, then sat down on Friday evening to plan. The plan was to do Camden Market, Rigby and Peller, Hamleys, The science museum and the Tate Modern. It didn’t quite work out that way!

We got to Camden Market at around 9am which was nice and early and not too many crowds. We spent about 3 or 4 hours there, as I was looking for some new, comfortable shoes and K was after some hats. I failed in my mission for shoes, but I did get some nice earmuffs :)

Then it was off to Rigby and Pellerto get measured for a bra. For those of you who know me, you know that I’m rather large in the breasticles area. And I’d been saving up for months to go there and get measured properly. I had to wait around an hour in a queue to be measured, but I found out what size I am. The Knightsbridge store didn’t have my size in, so I had to go over to the one near Oxford Circus. I got 2 bras that fit! Amazing! Only problem is, it is absolutely impossible to put them on by myself. I need help to get them on and off. They are absolutely thunderous bras, and fit very well, but just.. well.. I think they were made for people with maids to be honest. It looked good when they got me into the bra in the store. And with K’s help I can get one on. But I spent about an hour today trying to get one on and I gave up. So I can only actually wear the bras when K’s around to help me get into them (which is roughly 50% of mornings). But such is life! I really need one of those maids to help me get dressed into my bras on a morning really!

Anyway. After the whole bra shopping expedition, we were absolutely knackered and my feet were in so much pain, we decided to go on the London Eye instead. Interesting. Only some rather rude people took up the West of the pod and wouldn’t move, so I didn’t get a view of the West at all.

It was a good day, but by the end of it I was in so much pain and couldn’t walk properly, and had spent the last hour in London pretending to be an escapee from a Mental Institution so that people would leave me alone and stop barging into me. I could never live there. There are just SO many people. And so pushy (especially on the tube). I think living in London is a skill that us plebs from the provinces just don’t have!

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