Today I am yawning

I’m not really quite sure what to write today, but I’m sitting in the office, in a rare moment of not having my boss right opposite me and thought I’d take advantage. I have an appointment at 6pm, which means I’ll be working until 7 and not home until 8, so I feel I’m owed a break. (I can justify anything if I really want to.. see).

This morning we had one of those whole team meetings at work. It’s one of those events that hypothetically happens once per quarter, but realistically tends to happen once or twice a year. Everybody hates them. They are SO boring. But everyone HAS to come. It’s THE LAW. Well. Not really. But it doesn’t look good if you don’t. The big director who does most of the speaking is just such an awful speaker. He has a voice that sends you to sleep. He uses 50million sentences where 3 words would do. He’d be a perfect Mr Sandman, but really rubbish at motivational speaking.

Anyway. I counted 69 spotlights in the ceiling. And couldn’t count the windowpanes as there were curtains and a flip chart in front of some of them, so it wouldn’t have been accurate. And as I don’t actually work for this team anyway (I work for someone else, but just sit in this office), then most of the stuff wasn’t relevant to me. I tried to make a contribution to a group discussion after the break, but felt really stupid for doing so, as I didn’t really know what I was talking about. I was just trying to be polite and not seem really rude by not saying anything..

Then we had lunch (which there wasn’t really enough of for the amount of people there) and I came back to the office. I have lots of work to be doing, but I’m SO tired today, it’s EXTREME. I am TIRED EXTREME. And I don’t know why. Went to bed last night to watch a film and so was in bed when it finished and I switched the TV off. But I feel exhausted today. And I have purple flakes falling off my head. I swear, I got into the bathroom this morning and my neck and shoulders were covered with purple flakes of skin. It’s those damned chemical burns I bet.

But K is at work this evening till 10pm, so I might get to watch Match of the Day 2 which I taped on Sunday while she’s out. :)

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