Today I am a hero. And a clutz

Yes readers, today I am a hero. Today I was driving to work when I noticed something in the middle of the road. Turned out to be a St Bernard dog. Just standing there stopping the traffic. No sign of an owner anywhere. The guy driving a van on the opposite side of the road had got out of his van and was trying to ‘shoo’ the dog from a distance (he looked a bit scared. Granted, the dog was HUGE). So I got out of the car and got the dog onto the path by being all excited to see him and tugging on his collar and he followed me. Looked on the collar but there was no tag, so we had no idea where the dog had come from. And this was an area with really big houses with REALLY long driveways up hills, so we had to walk up these hills to find out where the dog had come from. I got slobbered over and also got rained on heavily. And when I came back from one of the houses, the guy in the van had gone, and so had the dog (as is usual in these cases, some guys from a construction van took over looking after the dog. Yeah. After I’d showed them it wasn’t vicious. Pussies). So I got in my car and went to work smelling of St Bernard.

Then I got to work, parked my car in the car park and reversed into a skip.

Such is life..

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2 Responses to Today I am a hero. And a clutz

  1. Glen says:

    Sorry but I couldn’t help but lol at the ending.

  2. Ooh, you’re like the dog whisperer. If I have any animals that need taming I know who to come to…

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