Funny old world

It has been a funny old couple of weeks really.. I went oop north with K to help mum move house (but really to collect all my stuff from the loft and sort it out!). K and I got lots of doggy love from Hunny and Treacle and we got to nose through a lot of the stuff I’d had in storage for aaaaages. Lots of ‘Oh! That’s where that went!!’. Anyway. We drove back down south through some awful traffic and had to go to work the next day. And then I got a cold and stayed in bed. So the stuff I brought down here still hasn’t been sorted out and put away.

BUT, I did go to town yesterday and bought one of those AV sender thingies. I attached it to the Sky+ box in the living room, and one to the tv in the bedroom (which I brought down from up north – a friend had been borrowing it for a few years!), and we can watch Sky+ in the bedroom! Wicked!

Hm. What else have I been up to? Well, I almost ran over a toddler in my car the day I got back to work. Skids and smokin tyres and everything! I fell asleep with some purple hair dye on my head, got a couple of chemical burns (which I mostly picked off last night) but now have REALLY purple hair. (which I also got cut short while I was up north). K and I went to a ‘Harvest Supper and Murder Mystery Evening’ the other night. It was advertised on the radio and sounded good. But it was a bit pants to be honest. Spudgy and wifey were supposed to be coming too, but had locked themselves out of their house and had to wait for a locksmith instead. K and I left at the interval, saying that we needed to go rescue our friends (even though the locksmith had been by then and let them in). I lied to a priest. I AM GOING TO HELL. Oh well. Might as well enjoy life while I can!

And K has her first shift at her new job tomorrow! Yay! Go K! :D

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2 Responses to Funny old world

  1. K says:

    Yes we are going to hell. I think ‘a bit pants’ is a bit harsh; after all the bread was nice.

    And yes my first shift in the new job in 4 hours time. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


  2. Glen says:

    Nice to see a new update.

    Hope the job goes well, K.

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