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Dear Diary…

Dear diary… I’ve been feeling a bit down lately. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m just a little run-down. I don’t function well when it’s cold. And the flat has started to get really cold. When I get cold and … Continue reading

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I’m slowly getting used to this ‘K being at work’ thing.. Though it is quite strange. We haven’t spent a night apart for a long time, and being alone again in the flat is very wierd. Every noise is a … Continue reading

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Today I am a hero. And a clutz

Yes readers, today I am a hero. Today I was driving to work when I noticed something in the middle of the road. Turned out to be a St Bernard dog. Just standing there stopping the traffic. No sign of … Continue reading

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Today I am yawning

I’m not really quite sure what to write today, but I’m sitting in the office, in a rare moment of not having my boss right opposite me and thought I’d take advantage. I have an appointment at 6pm, which means … Continue reading

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Funny old world

It has been a funny old couple of weeks really.. I went oop north with K to help mum move house (but really to collect all my stuff from the loft and sort it out!). K and I got lots … Continue reading

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