Random bleurgh…

I’m sneaking on while at work. I got here at 9am, and I’m working until 9pm, so I’m taking an early break. Pacing myself to last. If I count the travelling time to and from work, that means I’ll be working 14hours today. Does that sound more impressive??? I’m taking some time off tomorrow afternoon to make up for it though. So that’s good :)

My car has gone in for a service today. I have a feeling it hasn’t been serviced for a LONG time. So it may cost me quite a bit in new parts. But it will be worth it. I also asked the mechanic to lubricate my squeaky electric windows too (he has some special silicone lubricant – WD40 will just not do on this job..) and replace a bulb on my dashboard. The bulb behind the mileage display has broken / gone / walked off. I *could* take the dash off myself, but I probably wouldn’t be able to get it back on. And as it’s a very important piece of the car, I don’t want to risk it. I looked at the Haynes manual, and I think it’s a 4-spanner job. WAY above my competence. I get nervous about anything above a ’1 spanner’ job! Anyway. I’m hoping it won’t be too much money. But the mechanic was recommended by someone I know, so I trust him.

So recently I haven’t been doing much really. Went to Brighton last week to go to a big Evil Evans. All the clothes were shit. Again. I wanted a white shirt with a collar. A white shirt / blouse. For work. Did they have any?? Did they hell!! Tch! Ridiculous! Anyway. We wanted to see the International moustache and beard competition while we were there, but when we go there, it was sold out! :( Gutted! So we went for a drink in a gay bar and walked back up the hill to the train station and went home.

Work is getting really really busy. And it’s going to get busier in a few weeks. I’m going back ‘oop north’ to see the family and sort out all my stuff left in the loft at ‘home’, as mum is moving house and it needs sorting out :) After that week, I’ll be out and about on lots of visits. So the car will get a lot of use! I’m badgering my manager to let me recruit a volunteer to do administrative work. (I work for a charity, so it’s allowed). That way I could really concentrate on my job and not get so stressed with all the other bits that go with it and actually stop me doing the main part of my job! He seems to think he can share this person. (He has hardly any work to do anyway!). Or share this person with the Local Authority team I work with. No way! I WILL get my way! I can’t afford to be getting all stressed about stuff that someone else could help with. I’ve already given jobs to K just to help me out and keep me on top of things.

Anyway. What I wanted to write about (before I got so distracted) was a tv programme last night. Did anyone else watch ‘Traffic Cops’ on BBC1 last night?? I was seriously disturbed by the last story. A young man, 21, fell off some railings into a canal. He was drunk and he couldn’t swim. The water was freezing. And he died. But the thing that disturbed me though, was that you actually saw on tv the firemen pull him out of the water. His face was blue and he looked dead. And that was disturbing. Maybe it was meant to be shocking. Maybe they meant to make people think. But it wasn’t nice to see. I can still see that image now.

Then this morning, I’m driving to work, and on the side of the road there’s a dead cat. Just looking like it’s asleep, but it’s dead. Ginger and white.

Then on the news I hear that Pavarotti is dead.

And last night, we watched Hollyoaks. (we record them on Sky+ so this was a few days old). And Melissa died of a heart attack right there in front of Hannah.

Is it just me? Or am I being kinda hit with the ‘look at all this death’ stick recently? Or maybe I’m subconsciously thinking about Anthony’s death and it’s all coming out in me noticing things more. I’m not consciously thinking about the day he died. I’m getting on with things. But maybe it’s playing on my mind in some way. I don’t know.

Hm. Pondering.

Right. I think I’ve taken enough of a break now. I’ve had my sandwiches already. And I’m hungry again :)

Laters peeps!

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One Response to Random bleurgh…

  1. Spudgy says:

    I think its more to do with being more sensitive/aware to specific things that are not the norm. Like when a bloke grows a beard he notices other blokes who have beards (its true had the chat with a few blokes at woek the other day).
    As for tv and shock value I think programme makers keep pushing the boundaries.
    Good luck with sorting all the loft stuff out.

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