Where to start???

Ok.. I promised an update – and I will try! I have SO much to update I’m sure I’ll forget something. .. and maybe all the stuff that’s exciting to me won’t be exciting to anyone else.. But I’ll put it up anyway!


1: I have been a non-smoker now for 4 weeks, 3 days and 20hours (at time of writing this)
It wasn’t easy. And I still REALLY fancy cigarettes. But I have managed. The worst times are when I get really upset, anxious or angry. Doing without a cigarette means dealing with those feelings in an ‘adult’ (or ‘Lemon’) way rather than just escaping for a cigarette. I have had temper tantrums, I have cried, I have growled, I have squealed, I have stamped my feet and I have squealed. But I’m very lucky in that K is very very tolerant. (thank you!) And my moodiness is abating right now. The awful swings in mood lasted about 3 and a half weeks. So I’m only just getting over it…. I do hope I’m over the worst of it by now!

2: K and I have started ballroom dancing classes. We SO rock at most of it. But we had to miss a week because I had to go to some training north of London, and last week we were NOT the best in the class for the first time! We REALLY need to be catching up. We far outstrip the rest of the class at the Cha Cha Cha, but the Quickstep really gets me confused. Bit too much twirling for my liking.. (it’s not easy to move a body this big in such a big circle in such a quick time!)

3: I have put on lots of weight.. :( This is because I have not been smoking (which I used to use when I was hungry). My clothes are tighter and that doesn’t feel good. And also, my poo smells foul from eating lots of crap food. I’m still trying to fill up that ‘nicotine’ hole in my belly.. But I have started eating healthy from yesterday – lots of vegetables and fruit juice. Mmm. Spinach!

4: On my birthday, I got some birthday money from 2 people. A few days later I bought the first birthday present – a new bra. Now, if you know me, you know I have BIG bazookas. Finding a bra isn’t easy. So to find one in my size AND at under £20 was dream! It arrived a few days later and readers – it is the biggest piece of material engineering you are ever likely to see in your whole life! It has the biggest cups, the widest straps ever, and vicious looking metal clips to keep everything together! It’s so WIERD! I can’t get used to wearing it.. I can’t quite wear it at the moment as, because I’ve put on weight, the back size it a tiny bit too small.. But I WILL wear it eventually.

5: Oh yeah – I got K to measure me to make sure I was wearing the right bra size. I wasn’t. I’m actually 4 cup sizes bigger than I thought I was. *shrug*

6: I am learning ‘anger’. K is very proud. Anyone who knows me would be proud too.. The culminating moment of my anger education? Smashing my gps device against the dashboard of the car… a little harder than I had intended to. Needless to say, it smashed into pieces and is now completely unusable. (it was broken anyway – hadn’t been working properly for months after I dropped it. ) I am using the rest of my birthday money and some of my savings to buy myself another gps unit, which I have reserved online at the local PCWorld store. I will pick it up tomorrow. Much needed as I have lots of visits to really far flung places in the county over the next few weeks and I am REALLY rubbish at maps..

7: I have been working really really hard. Lots of late evenings, visits and meetings. I am really snowed under. But I’m getting there. I think that getting over the ‘hump’ of the non-smoking moods has really helped. I actually did some *useful* work today! I have been working so hard, I’m owed a LOT of money in expenses. Which will be good, as it’s in a cheque and so is non-taxable. :)

8: I have made arrangements to pay off my debts. Yes, dear readers, I have signed up with an agency and have agreed to pay them a certain amount per month, the whole of which they will then pass on to my creditors. (should they agree). I am going to make the first payment at the end of this month. I have already sent in and signed my ‘authority’ so that’s on the way! Fingers crossed they all accept it. It will take me 5 years to pay off all my debts at the current rate. But there is always the option to pay more if I can one month, which will help reduce the amount of time I’m paying.

9: I have some savings!!!! This is why I’ve been able to start paying off my debts. The plan was to get some savings together and then agree the the payment plan. If I agreed without any savings, then if anything went wrong with the car, or there was an emergency that needed paying for, I’d be totally screwed. So now I have a little bit of money behind me to cover things like repairs on the car, tax and MOT, and up-front expenses for work. (and some for my new gps! lol). I will now be able to put any odd money I have left over at the end of the month into this account and just build up a safety net. After reaching a certain amount, I then plan to give half of the money to my creditors to help pay off my debt, then continue to save, going in circles until I save that certain amount again, pay half to my creditors, etc etc. (or you never know.. if I’m feeling naughty, I might even have a holiday or something! I know I shouldn’t if I’m in debt, but, well, if I’m paying back…. )

Readers.. I think that’s it at the moment.. I know there are other ‘day to day’ things that I could update, but I have to leave for ballroom dancing class soon and I need to get changed into something lighter.. And fill up some water bottles.

Hopefully I won’t leave it as long before updating again next time! I’ve just been SO so busy, and So so moody, and, well, more interested in watching Big Brother and Hollyoaks to be honest! Maybe if work starts calming down soon I’ll be able to either blog from work, or get home early enough to have time to sit on the computer for a bit!

Ciao readers!

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One Response to Where to start???

  1. 'K' says:

    Sing with me now:

    “Congratulations and celebrations,
    I want the whole world to know I’m happy as can be
    You are not smoking, you really did it,
    A thousand kisses on there way to you from me”

    Well done babes; I am SOOOO proud of you


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