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Moving on..

Well, I’m feeling much better than I was when I wrote the last post. I have now put my poor little car up on Ebay. I do hope I get some money for it, rather than having to pay someone … Continue reading

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In other news..

At the minute, I just want to cry. I’ve spent the last few hours at work doing absolutely nothing. Browsing the internet and thinking. I answered one phone call as the admin lady has gone home. At 4pm there were … Continue reading

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One day I will laugh about this…

So. In a dramatic *ahem* update to the previous post…. the car broke down on the way home. I got a jumpstart at work to get me going, and I thought it would be ok, what with not having to … Continue reading

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Double Bugger!

I’ve just spent some of today going round to different garages and getting quotes for the work on my car. And the news isn’t good.. This is for the MOT work: Welding: £220 Front bush thing: £167 Other ‘bits’: £60 … Continue reading

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My car just failed it’s M.O.T. But it didn’t just fail. It failed spectacularly! It needs about £300 of work doing to it. A couple of bulbs changing, some new parts (something to do with suspension) ordering, and some welding … Continue reading

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Where to start???

Ok.. I promised an update – and I will try! I have SO much to update I’m sure I’ll forget something. .. and maybe all the stuff that’s exciting to me won’t be exciting to anyone else.. But I’ll put … Continue reading

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Holding Post!

Bloglanders.. I have SO much to tell you.. But I don’t know where to start. And I don’t have any time to start right now anyway! I have been really really busy (mainly with work, yeah.), so have had no … Continue reading

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