Dearest blogpeople. It was my birthday on Friday. And it was a COOL birthday :)

I woke up in the morning and was presented with presents from the lovely K! I got a new mouse for my computer (as I’m often to be heard swearing at the one I use at the moment), a hot water bottle (as I don’t have one..), some double-sided sticky tape (woo hoo!!) and a voucher for a massage treatment at 4.30pm :) I also got an extra special home made present too – a CD! (not just ANY old C.D. though. Oh no! Personalized songs AND a fantastic cover!)

I got up and went to work and stopped by Lidls on the way to get some goodies to take in. I got a card from work, and went home :) I had a bit of a snooze on the sofa and was presented with ANOTHER present – a blue cake! It was wonderful – home made cake – not made by me! Covered in blue butter icing and hundreds and thousands all over :) Looooooooooverly. While I was at work, some more cards and a parcel had arrived too – with presents from the family. Bonus!

At 4.30 we went for my massage. I chose a shoulder and neck massage. And afterwards, for the first time in a number of years, I could feel my shoulders!! They’re back tight again now, but still, it was heavenly.. It was painful, but in a good way. It released lots of tension. And I may very well go back again. The only downside was that they didn’t have a proper massage chair.. See, with the size of my boobies, I can’t lay down on my front on the massage bench thing. It is just too uncomfortable and doesn’t allow for relaxation. So I chose the chair. But it was just like an office chair. I was hoping for one of those special ones that you lean forward in.. But never mind. Was still good!

After the massage, I didn’t really want to go home, so we went for a walk down to the beach. We sat on a big concrete ‘thing’ (not sure what it’s called), took off our shoes and socks, rolled up our trousers and then went to paddle in the sea. Well. It was supposed to be a paddle. But some big waves came up and caught me and I got soaked! So we ended up walking back to the car soaked to the skin. But it was lots of fun :D

Back home, after a nice warm shower, we had pizza, then cheesecake, then watched the Big Brother eviction, then went to bed.

Now how FANTASTIC a birthday is that??

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6 Responses to Birthday!

  1. sortof says:

    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear …..
    I’ll stop ‘singing’ now, I can hear the dogs barking for miles :-)

  2. Creepy says:

    Oh, Happy Belated Birthday to you!

  3. Glen says:

    Yes, I too would like to wish you a belated happy birthday, but I don’t think it matters because it sounds like you did have a happy day anyway, so I’ll wish you many happy returns instead. :D

  4. saesnes says:

    Gla you had such a good day xx

  5. Oscar says:

    Hi Lemonpillows and happy birthday.
    Staff would love to visit you when she is next in London. She was there for 2 days last week because her mum retired and had a big party in court. Her mum and dad are moving house on 14th July and she will be down south helping them before then. how near are you to London?
    Oscar x

  6. Peekie says:

    Hey Happy Birthday Dude

    Glad you had a fantastic day.

    Keep smiling xxxx

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