Back again!

Yes, the website was down for a while. But it’s back now. And I hope it will stay back. (fingers crossed). I wasn’t sure what to write today when I sat down to blog, but then I realized that it’s June. And that means time for targets! So.. Targets..

1. To walk into town twice
2. To stay away from Magnum ice creams
3. To partake in 2 forms of exercise
4. To go somewhere I’ve never been before
5. To go out socially at least once
6. To try a new fruit or vegetable I’ve never tried before
7. To do something about my smoking.
8. To buy one new item of clothing
9. To have some sort of birthday ‘bash’ / evening and for everyone (or most of them) to turn up!
10. To try out some new colours on my nails.

I think that will do! That’s enough, I think. And yes, I have started to be a bit ‘girly’. This week, I painted my nails purple. And very good they looked too! Then on Friday, while in the pound shop, I noticed some sparkly nail varnish. SO I painted a top coat of rainbow sparkles on them, and went to work on Saturday (training some new agents) with sparkly nails! And purple hair!

I’m experimenting with things, readers. And it’s fun! :) AND I started a diet this week and lost 7lb!!! Now I know I won’t lose that much next week. But half a stone is pretty good in one week huh?

Right.. Must go.. The lovely K has just placed a wonderful breakfast on the table :)

Ciao for now!

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3 Responses to Back again!

  1. Spudgy says:

    OMG – you’ve done really well in your first week!

  2. Glen says:

    Aye, well done.

    I was gonna rip off your targets idea, but I haven’t got around to it yet. Perhaps I should make that my target.

  3. y says:

    Well done, Lemon!
    Your eigth target would have to read, in my case ‘stop buying so many items of clothing’.

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