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Dearest blogpeople. It was my birthday on Friday. And it was a COOL birthday I woke up in the morning and was presented with presents from the lovely K! I got a new mouse for my computer (as I’m often … Continue reading

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So So Tired..

I am. I’m REALLY really tired.. See, I can’t drink Caffeine. Some awful medical reason which I won’t go into here. But now I have no nicotine either, and I’m really really struggling in this warm weather with no stimulants … Continue reading

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Feel my PAIN!!!

Blog Readers. I need you to sympathize. I need you to empathize. I need you to beat me round the head to give me something else to think about.. Today is my 4th Whole Day without a cigarette. And I’m … Continue reading

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Hello again blogworld. I know I haven’t blogged for over a week now. But I have been busy. Lots of things to do at work meaning that I don’t get time to blog, then not wanting to switch the computer … Continue reading

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Back again!

Yes, the website was down for a while. But it’s back now. And I hope it will stay back. (fingers crossed). I wasn’t sure what to write today when I sat down to blog, but then I realized that it’s … Continue reading

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