H H H H Holiday!

I am currently taking a break from the day to day grind of go to work, sleep, go to work and am having a holiday! I am, at this very moment, sitting at a table in my mum’s house in the north east of England, listeing to my nephew chatting away and waiting for a take away. We took the dogs to the beach earlier and succeeded in getting wind burn and sand in our eyes.

And tomorrow we are planning to go to the top of the country to spend a day or two camping, before coming back here for a day, then making our way back to the south coast. Why are we going to the top of the country? Well… just because. I’ve never been there, and it seems like a good thing to be able to say – that I went to the other end of the country on holiday! I’ve never been to Scotland and I’ve never been camping! So it will be a couple of firsts tomorrow! I will let you know how it all goes when we get back.. How exciting!!

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