Weekend work

Hello once again, dear readers.. Well, work has been absolutely manic over the last few weeks. It’s that ‘end of financial year’ panic and ‘will I have a job past June’ situation. So at the moment, I’m writing reports and statistics and applying for money left right and centre to keep the project going. As well as doing all the usual work. So I’m a bit tired!

And this weekend I was a trainer! It was about time to train some new agents, so myself and another colleague got together, mashed up a bit of training, and decided to do our training for both of our agents together. So I spent all of last week picking through two different training manuals with said colleague, trying to match up what we both needed to do, so we could train all the agents for the different roles together. I was SO nervous. I’m not good at standing in front of a crowd and speaking. But, with help from K, I got together some colourful clothing / accessories and made myself *look* confident.. The day didn’t start out well. My GPS has died, so I had to ‘guess’ my way there. But luckily, K’s map reading skills saved the day and we arrived, a little later than we had hoped, but we got there!

After the first time I said something in front of the group, I sat down saying quitely ‘OMG OMG, I just said something!’, and then proceeded to quietly hyperventilate for 5 minutes. After that, I was fine.

The best bit of the weekend though?? Was stopping at the beach on the way home and rolling down the hills :) Much fun!

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  1. sarah d says:

    yaay rolling down hills! Good luck with the funding applications – of course they must keep you, you are ace. hugsss

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