Life, but not as I know it..

The moonlight from Brighton Pier
The moonlight from Brighton Pier

Well… I’m at a bit of a loss for what to write at the moment. Things are going well. Scarily well, actually. K has moved in on a trial basis, my job is secure until around August, a good friend has started to make the first moves towards buying a house near where I live. And the weather is getting better. What else could a girl ask for??

I have nothing to moan and whinge about. Which is wierd. But good.

I get in from work and there is someone there. I wake up and there is someone there. I need a hug – and there’s someone there more than willing to give me a cuddle. I’m still not used to it. I’m getting there. And I am enjoying it. I still have my down days, I still cry, and I still think about things a lot, but there is now someone there I can talk to about these things, someone who can make me a cup of tea and cuddle me until I’m myself again.

This weekend my mum came to visit too. We had tickets to see the ‘Best of British Mediumship’ at the local theatre. (Colin Fry and Tony Stockwell – famous U.K mediums who do shows on tv). IT was ok, but not what we were expecting really. I think the second guy on was dying on his feet to be honest. But it was a good experience. I got to dance up the stairs after everyone had gone. AND I made it back up the hill to home without dying :)

The next day, me and mum spent ages playing on the 2p machines in the local amusement arcades. They’re addictive! But it took me back to being a kid, and I really enjoyed it. I hope mum did too. We had fish and chips on the sea front too, and fed stale bread to the seagulls. It was wicked – as it was windy, they decided to try flying above the pond and were catching the bread in mid flight! So we were trying to throw it up so they could catch it. Skilled or what??

This week I will mostly be… sitting at home on my laptop I think! I’m on call for work for 2 days, so I have to work from home and just go out when needed. Not bad – I can roll out of bed at 10 to 9 and still be on time! Wicked!

Right..Speaking of bed.. I need some sleeeeeep. My mum is to much of a party animal for me – I can’t cope with 2am bedtimes nowadays! Night readers!

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2 Responses to Life, but not as I know it..

  1. Spudgy says:

    So, if you can’t cope with the 2am partying now… are you going to cope when I’m living nearer???

    Glad you had a fantastic weekend xx

  2. peekie68 says:

    Hey thats fantastic news dude, i’m so glad for you – i told u to hang on in there and things would happen when u least expected it. :)

    My g/f has moved in now as well so life is good.

    Take care dude xxx

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