April Targets

It’s April, and I just realized that I haven’t set my targets for the month yet! Last months targets were:

1. To go swimming twice. achieved
2. To restrict myself to one pie a week achieved. I only had ONE pie for the WHOLE of March!
3. To have at least ONE date achieved!
4. To visit the no smoking clinic achieved – but I’m still smoking

Well, that looks good. So now to April’s targets…

1. To go swimming 3 times.
2. To go out socially at least once.
3. To visit somewhere I haven’t been before.
4. To go out for dinner at least once.
5. To try a new fruit / vegetable I haven’t tried before.
6. To partake in some other form of exercise at least once. (could be a long walk, cycling, badminton.. anything.)
7. To learn ONE new card / pub trick.
8. To buy myself ONE new item of clothing.

So I will have to let you all know how it goes :) I like the monthly target-setting thing. Gives me something to work towards..

And now, it’s back to work….

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3 Responses to April Targets

  1. Well done on the targets. I see you have now doubled them though, if you carry on at that rate you’ll have to set 512 targets in December!

    I look forward to hearing progress – it might inspire me to set some for myself…

  2. have had to change blog domain name

    glad things are going well

  3. Glen says:

    Monthly goals? What a great idea, I must steal it.

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