April Target Results

Well, as it’s the 30th of April today, and May starts tomorrow, I thought I should update on how I’ve done with my April targets…

1. To go swimming 3 times.
Well, I did not manage to go swimming once. So I didn’t achieve that one!
2. To go out socially at least once.
I went out socially TWICE! Once to a barbecue, and once to a local womens night!
3. To visit somewhere I haven’t been before.
I went to Reading to see a friend – and I’d never been to Reading before. AND I went to a nearby castle with some friends. :)
4. To go out for dinner at least once.
I went out for dinner with K, Spudgy and her missus. I had lasagne and chips. Tasty :)
5. To try a new fruit / vegetable I haven’t tried before.
I ate a Mangosteen AND a Dragon Fruit this month. So I think I exceeded that one!
6. To partake in some other form of exercise at least once. (could be a long walk, cycling, badminton.. anything.)
Me and K did a ‘timed walk’ (with the intention of doing it quicker next time) AND we played ‘lounge badminton’ and played with the IToy on the PlayStation.
7. To learn ONE new card / pub trick.
I learned a super new trick involving a glass and some coins. I also learned another one, but I’ve forgotten it now…
8. To buy myself ONE new item of clothing.
K bought some new clothes. And they fit me.. And I DID look for some new clothes but couldn’t find any I liked….

So, for May’s targets, I’ll have to think about those and put them up here when I have a list. I’m due to go away at the end of the week (YAY!!!), and I SO can’t wait! Work has been particularly difficult lately, and it will be our first official holiday as a couple! Woo hoo! We are going ‘oop north, and possibly going camping while we’re there too.. (we’ve been playing camping in the living room this evening to make sure we can put the tent up!) We were also playing ‘Dance Mat’ on the playstation, until OLD downstairs frantically started ringing the bell.. “What’s the matter Dawn?? What are you banging for??” I said we were just dancing.. and that I was sorry.. She said she thought we were banging because she was making a noise. Then she said she thought we were doing the highland fling :( We weren’t even onto the level where you have to jump either! *sniffle* So no more dance mat for us..

Never mind. Now I’m going to drown my sorrows in a Magnum ice cream. Dipped in Hundreds and Thousands.
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :)

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2 Responses to April Target Results

  1. Spudgy says:

    How can you be drowning yer sorrows if you happen to be able to borrow K’s clothes – sounds like a result to me!!

  2. Well done on another month of successes. I feel so inadequate by comparison – I’m trying to think of *anything* I achieved last month!

    What are mangosteens or dragon fruits??

    Catch up with you soon…

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