Woo hoo!!

Blog people – I’m in a VERY good mood today :) And not about what you might be thinking it’s about :) So, firstly, I’ll start with last night…

Ziggy (the one I classed as a ’2nd date’ in order to meet my ‘have one date’ target this month) came round to mine as we were being picked up around 7. We sat and had beers, had a fag on the balcony, then Spudgy rang to say they were all outside ready to go. I asked if they wanted to come up, and they did! I offered wine, lager and soft drinks. And we all sat together (5 of us) in my living room joking and chatting and taking the mickey out of each other. Everyone was in high spirits and it was absolutely brilliant! I’ve never had so many people in my flat at once. And it was just so lovely – made my flat seem ‘alive’, to have people – friends there. So that was an excellent start to the night :)

The banter carried on in the car on the way there. And we eventually got to the club. It was a little quiet, but wasn’t too bad. you gotta support these things.. There was a person there that I knew from the local supper club, so I went over and said hello and felt good about knowing someone else there!

WE all chatted and laughed and drank all night and it was good. AT about 11, the place still hadn’t livened up, so we went over to a local gay pub instead. Pressed the doorbell, smiled nicely into the security camera, and were let in. What a difference! It was much more lively. Cue more drinking and laughing. While I was there, I saw someone that I work with. It was her 30th birthday, so I bought her a ‘fat coke’ (she was banned from any more alcohol!) and gave her a hug. THen I went to see her cousin, who I also know, and said hello :) It was really nice to be in there and know people to say hello to! Made me look popular anyway!!

Ok.. The ‘date’ and the ‘snog’ (from Friday). Let’s call Friday’s lady ‘Tigger’. And the ‘date’ was Ziggy. Well, Tigger spent the WHOLE night trying to snog Ziggy!! lol! So I needn’t have worried! IT was funny. Ziggy was totally not up for that.

But today, Tigger sent Ziggy a text and said ‘sorry’ and that she didn’t know that Ziggy was my date. Poo!! I hadn’t actually said to Ziggy she was my date!!! So Ziggy sent one back and said we were just out as friends. And now Ziggy and Tigger are going for drinks on Saturday – and have kisses at the end of their texts already!! Ha ha!

So today.. And this is why I’m in a good mood. I’ve been chatting to this gorgeous woman on msn for a while. Met on a dating site. She messgaed me. She’s the kind of looker I would never have contacted – simply because she is SO out of my league in the ‘extremely cute’ stakes.. Anyway. We’ve been chatting lots on msn, texting and emailing. And we seem to get on really well. You know when you say something, and the other person says ‘me too!’, and you end up doing the same thing?? Well, it’s like that. And today.. she said she’s going to come and visit me this weekend!!!!!!! How cool!!!! I’m SO excited!!! I just had to go in the bathroom and squeal! That’s how excited I am! (ok- those of you who know me know how excited that means. I just don’t *do* the girly thing..) I have a visitor coming down on Friday after work! Then we’re going to go out to a nearby city for the day on Saturday. How cool is that????

Now I’m all worried about the tidying! I’ll need to make sure I get all my washing done, do my ironing, hoover, and all of that! And this week is such a busy week too.. I’m going to the no smoking clinic tomorrow, then in London on Tuesday, then a friend is coming round on Wednesday, then I’m working till 9pm on Thursday! Aaaaargh!

But Woo hoo!!! :D :D:D

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  1. eroica says:


  2. peekie68 says:

    Good luck hun – hope it all goes well. U certainly seem 2 b socializing ;) Get out there and show the world wot they are missing!

    Catch u soon xxx

  3. sarah d says:

    yaay! that sounds like such an awesome night – I love the feeling of hosting several lovely people who are all having a great time. You must let us know how the date went…!

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