Up and Down Day

Well, today was an up and down day. It started rather badly. I was so tired, I didn’t hear any of my alarms (I have 7), and had more ‘plane crash’ dreams. Though that *could* be related to having watched Air Crash Investigation on National Geographic, rather than some deep seated psychological trauma.

Anyway, got into work eventually, with a pretty minging tuna sandwich from the garage. I looked on the Social Services database, looking for updates on some of my clients, and found one on one of them. It put me in a bad mood. The situation that this client has been put in is just so frustrating. Nobody knows exactly what goes on in a family, but from the outside, it’s heartbreaking. REally, it is. I just want to take the client away, make her want to be away from that situation, and make it all better. I was extremely frustrated and had to go out for a cigarette to calm down. Though in a little bit of good stuff, the social worker *had* called the main carer something she shouldn’t have on the database. Made me smile – from where I’m standing, she’s absolutely right..

After that, I went out to visit a client with an agent. I was dreading it, as last time I went, I got the spanish inquisition and I wasn’t prepared. So this time, I prepared myself, and prepared the agent, sitting in his (rather posh) car before we went in, telling what would be best to say, should certain questions come up. But the main questioner wasn’t there this evening, so it was all fine. I spent quite a pleasant 50 minutes chatting to the client’s relative while the agent chatted away to the client. It was nice, and made me realize, once again, why I do this job. Things like that, seeing the client waiting for us to arrive, and smiling when he saw us, makes it worthwhile. Maybe I just need to get out ofthe office more and visit clients more often :)

Then I got home and OldLady from downstairs called me. I answered, as I was in a good mood. Feeling charitable. (I HAD already spent some time last night chatting to her, and again anotehr time this week. So I do think I’m being quite accommodating). She told me that a couple had moved in upstairs. I already knew, having met the guy last night. But I hadn’t told her, as I didnt’ want to put myself in the situation of having to listen to her reaction. But, well, it came anyway. The couple upstairs, see, are indian / asian. Old is very old fashioned in a way. She DID mention that the house was going to smell of curry and garlic and how horrible that was going to be *sigh*. I changed the subject quick smart. But then she started to ask me if I had a boyfriend or a man in my life. I said no, that I wasn’t really interested. She asked me if I’d ever had anyone. I said ‘I’m not really interested’. She said ‘Do you have friends – male friends?’. I said ‘well, I suppose there are men at work I talk to’. And she proceeded to tell me I was getting old and should have a man so I can have babies. I should do it soon else I will be too old and then I won’t find anyone! At which point I told her I had to go make dinner. And stomped across the living room floor to get the phone and order pizza. *sigh*

I *did* smell of spices and garlic and curry this evening. But it’s SO much better than the drain smell that usually greets me, so I’m not complaining!

So this weekend, I plan to sleep, eat, sleep and sleep. I can’t wait!

Ciao readers!

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