Well, it’s Monday. I had a decent weekend – I went to see the Indigo Girls in Brighton. And just chilled on Sunday. (my house guest isn’t moving in any more – the place she’s in is available for a bit longer now).

But now it’s Monday. I’m feeling a bit flat, and a bit guilty for not being sooper efficient and getting lots done. It’s one of those niggly days when I’m waiting on things from other people, or just waiting before I can get things done. And I’m feeling a bit guilty for just browsing the net. But if I’m not browsing, then I won’t look busy.

There was no *real* reason for me to come into the office this morning to be honest. Not until 12 when I have something booked really. But, I like to keep up appearances and take advantage of the times I *can* get in early. Just so I’m seen to be doing it – ya know? And I wouldn’t get a parking space if I came in late.

External emails don’t seem to be working, so I can’t get some paperwork I need to do some funding work. And I can’t call people I need to call until this evening. (various reasons). And nobody has sent me any emails I need to action. So I’m a bit bored to be honest. It’s not always this quiet. Sometimes I’m busy all day. But at the moment, it’s that lull. And I’m feeling a bit guilty for not actively working on something. But at the same time, because I’m feeling all flat, I really really just can’t be bothered. I’m a baaaaaad employee huh?

Anyway, in other news, I still haven’t been back to the ‘no smoking’ clinic. I haven’t been swimming either. And I have no dates lined up. I’ll have to get my finger out and work on this. These are my 3 targets for February!

Though I’m in London at the end of this week, for 2 days again. I’m a bit nervous as I’ll have to get the tube during rush hour. Not nice. So if I make it there and back without collapsing into a jibbering wreck, that will be an achievement. I generally avoid the tube if I go to London. I HATE it. So much jostling and me getting lost all over the place. You can’t stand still and look at a tube map else everyone tuts at you and pushes you. :( Pah! I must learn the whole art of ‘looking at a map while moving so I don’t stop the human traffic’ thing. Is this a skill that Londoners just have? Or is it something that need to be consciously learned??

Anyhoo. Must be off. I’m sure there must be *something* I could be doing.. Maybe some more pretty graphs or something….

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3 Responses to Monday

  1. Peekie68 says:

    Hey i’ve got it down 2 a fine art lookin busy! ….. make the most of it u work hard enough the rest of the time… dont feel guilty :)

    I love London … the tube is sumthing u either love or hate i think … u just have 2 b positive n go 4 it! …Londoners dont look at the map …only tourists!!

    If u get reeeeeeally bored u can always email me!!! ;)

    Take care xxx

  2. We Londoners are not always the most friendly. I think there is a sense of it proving you’re a Londoner by not really having to consult a tube map (even if really we should as we have no idea where we’re going) and then we can look down on every one else.

    You just have to learn to stand your ground and to ignore everyone else around you.

    An oyster card is the way to go to blend in more. It’s cheaper too, but I gues work might be paying your expenses anyway.

    If you need assistance or directions whilst you’re in the big smoke then let me know. I can be vaguely friendly on occasion.

  3. Spudgy says:

    ‘Oyster’ Hey I’m not the only one that knows about it then…………… ;-)

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