Well, today didn’t start off well. Firstly, we got NO snow here :( I was hoping I’d be snowed in at home and have to work from my sofa today. Never mind! Then I got shampoo in my eyes while washing my hair, and I just cannot be bothered with work at the moment. I’m so so tired. I’ve been going to bed earlier, but that doesn’t seem to be making any difference whatsoever. And I’m knackered.

I keep seeing people out walking their dogs while I’m driving to work. And I just wanna stop and play with them. I’d really really like a dog to love and care for. But I’m in a flat without a garden, working full time, and couldn’t really afford one to be honest. Shame. Maybe I just need to find that cuddle buddy instead…

There are no dates on the horizon at the moment either. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I’m feeling so lonesome at the moment. I mean, things aren’t as bad as they used to be this time last year – I had nobody then. I have friends now. But, I don’t know.. You know when you are just *missing* something?

Must be my hormones! At least it’s the weekend soon… :)

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3 Responses to Knackered

  1. We had quite a bit of snow here but I *still* had to go to work.

    There are firms that you can contact that pay you to dog sit for a weekend (or longer if you want). I’m not sure if living in a flat would be their ideal but I know people who have dogs come and stay with them for weekends whenever they want a bit of company and it works really well – they supply the food and you get paid too!

    Cuddles from humans can be nice too though…

  2. peekie68 says:

    We got no snow either ….. so disappointed.

    I love cuddles ….. i keep offering!!!! ;)

    You’ll find that special woman 1 day dude n in the mean time u can enjoy all those other gorgeous women!

    Have a great weekend ….. catch u soon. xxx

  3. saesnes says:

    We’ve had loads of snow here, and there are two dogs you’re very welcome to come and babysit! But unfortunately I can’t provide a cuddle buddy :(

    Chin up xx

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