All Tubed out!

Well hello world! I made it back from London in one piece :) The course was good, if a little heavy and complicated, but it should all be useful, so it’s worth it. I didn’t actually do anything interesting while in London.. (apart from get the wrong tube a couple of times – how was I supposed to know that you have multiple lines runnign from one platform???) I fell asleep in my hotel room after having dinner! On the way back on Friday, I had just missed my train by the time I got to Charing Cross, so I walked over to Trafalgar square and took a photograph. When I can get my bluetooth dongle working on my laptop, I’ll start posting photographs again..

I was sitting next to a man ALL the way home. And he fell asleep and kept leaning on me, prodding my belly with his elbows.. I did try to wake him up psychically – without actually touching him. But that didn’t work. Instead I chose to ‘move’ every time he leaned into me so he woke up. Lol. Still went straight back to sleep though. Bloody men.. Falling asleep on the train with their legs wide open and alcohol on their breath. (he was drinking stella on the train – I HATE that.. ). But I shouldn’t really complain. I fell asleep on Thursday morning’s train and woke myself up with a snort again. I did look around to see if anyone was looking at me strangely. But nobody seemed to have noticed..

So last night, I got in and had a ‘date’. It went well, methinks. We’ll see :) And tonight I have a second date with someone I met last month. We’re going to a womens club with some friends. Should be a good night! I was meant to be going to a birthday party for the lady I took over my job from.. But nobody else from work is going, and I won’t know anyone. And there’s engineering works on the railway, so it’d be a hassle to get there. So I’m being a bad girl and not going…

So. Tonight. Could be a bit awkward. See.. I got a kiss from the lady last night (yay!). And she’s coming tonight. But I’m with a date tonight… Oo er! I can say, this is probably the first ever time I’ve been in this situation.. Interesting. Or cringeworthy. I’ll have to let you know….

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2 Responses to All Tubed out!

  1. Sounds like exciting times for you. So was there a massive fight over you last night?? We need to know what happened!

  2. Spudgy says:

    Lemon ‘fight’ – nah!

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